1. I’ll try and make it but I’ll be flaky at best and afk at times.

  2. Earlyish, and may need to take time outs for various child-related interventions, but let’s give it a try!

  3. 8PM works for me currently. My hours may change in the near future, but I’ll post that if/when it happens.

  4. I’ll be there. I believe all three of my characters are cleared for the Hollows. As I recall, we had a lot of people near level 9. Are we planning on missions of about that SL? I can try to get CF up to 10 to enable an SK slot, or I can bring my Scrapper or my Defender.
    Oh, and any ol’ time is good for me. Still unemployed, you know.

  5. I just got home and am already late. Still need dinner and haven’t actually gotten either of the two characters I have made for this out of the tutorial yet. Will have to see how the evening goes to see if I make it on.

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