1. *sigh* I can do Friday, and I can figure out Sunday (latish — flying to California that evening, so might not be online before 9 MST or so), but Saturday is Right Out.

  2. So… we start Friday… some folks beat through the StupidHunts ™ on Saturday, and we wrap up Sunday, early afternoon 🙂

  3. I was gonna say ” Oohh..OOhh!! Me, ME!! PIck meeeee!!”, then realized I was already signed up. Silly git that I am, I had forgotten that.

  4. I should be free on Friday night. During the day on Satu’ and Sund’ I have an intranet install that’ll be taking up a chunk of both days.

  5. I might be about on Friday evening, but not again home until Sunday evening.

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