Monday Munchies

Weirdness with Monday Munchies scheduling:
– Player-of-Mmm-Pie will be flying back to Mexico, so won’t be around.
– I’ve got a deadline to hit tonight before I can log in.
– Thing Ginger.Snap’s in the same situation.
So… let’s say somewhere between 8 to 9 pm, eastern, 6 to 7 mountain, and if you don’t see the above folks, don’t wait — make with the heroing stuff. 🙂


  1. Oh yeah… Today is monday… Guess I need to actually settle on a character idea for that at some point.

  2. Was thinking what we need to do for the Monday Munchie Crew is get the Evil Food group up a few levels so they can be the ‘evil half’ of the Valentine’s Day events for the Munchies.
    Cuz Bear needs that toga 🙂

  3. I was considering a fourth alt, but I don’t know if Supper Man would actually qualify. 🙁

  4. Well, I have Orange Twang (hero) and Back of the Fridge (villain). I had some thoughts for a fire blaster/corrupter type last night, too.

  5. Ai! Now I need an evil food character too?
    I haven’t even come up with a heroic food character that kept my attention through the character creation process…

  6. Yeah, I was not much in the mood to play by the time the cab driver found my house. Half hour ride from airport takes over an hour, film at 11.

  7. My problem right now is deciding who ‘needs’ the badges. Since I suffer from severe alt-itis I know I will be board with the mission before I can do all of them – so Priorities!
    Half way through with Amorpha/Mr. Thorne/GB need to finish and swap over to PC/Undone
    Also Half way with Ravenous and Christmas Present (Now there is a pair) Going to swap with Charity and Linne.
    Would like to find someone on Pinnacle to team with Blue Point(lvl 31 Scrapper and Content Whore)Might have to PUG-it
    So who really needs the Beauty/Handsome Badge? (That is the only reward right? Unless you are mining for cross-over badges)

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