NOT CoH Plans #2

So I want to plan for other Face to Face gaming, besides wrapping up Spring Fountain.
I know… I know… control your shock.
I’m thinking of…
– Heroquest (fantasy, star wars, amber, or supers)
– Dogs in the Vineyard
– Firefly (using any of a number of possible rulesets – Risus, FATE, DitV, Primetime Adventures, UA, or even the SERENITY game (I know… shocking))
– Sorcerer (yeah, I know — a bit of a hassle-some game mechanic, but I still love the game… I’d like to do a post-apocalyptic sword and sorcery thing — the Clicking Sands idea)
If you’re down for any of that, sound off and say what for.


  1. Okay, so on a scale of 1-10, F2F gaming is getting an automatic 8 point bonus, regardless of the subject matter, which makes the rest of it fine tuning.
    HQ: From our earlier brief foray with Xian Quan, I’m neutral on the system (some of which may just be familiarity). More interested in the setting. Supers has an obvious possibility, as does Star Wars. Amber mebbe less so for me, if only because I’m not sure of what’s new under the sun that wouldn’t be covered by simple “fantasy.”
    DitV: Works for me.
    Firefly: A definitely possibility. Haven’t finished reading the Serentiy rules, but any of the rules mentioned would possibly work.
    Sorcerer: I … would do it.
    I guess my inclination is #1 F2F per se, #2 setting (Firefly, Westerny stuff, Supers, Star Wars, or most else), #3 system (least important criterion).

  2. Yes, and any? Preference for Sorcerer or Dogs in the Vineyard. Lee says Firefly.

  3. *grumbles about living in the wrong damned state to play with all the cool kids, but does look forward to reading the character sheets and game logs you all come up with*

  4. I think either heroquest or sorcerer.
    And come to the other side of the mountains with the cool kids Aaron – you know you want to.

  5. I would be interested in some of the stuff you are talking about (depending on time).
    I would be interested in:
    Firefly (any system)
    Sorcerer (post apocalypse is good)
    I would pass on:
    Amber in any form
    Supers in any form
    Star Wars
    Basically, the less I have to “think” about to play the game the happier I would be (at least to start). Except for supers….I just don’t care for supers even if it is mindless fun.

  6. I’m good for any but Dogs. Some deMormonized version of Dogs might work but the vanilla version makes my skin crawl.

  7. So I don’t forget, I’ll mention it here…Lee suggested that I bring one of the murder mystery games I wrote to play some night. It’s not a spur-of-the-moment thing, but I’ll bring one I don’t really want to play (wouldn’t want to give away the plot, eh?) and let you guys check it out to see if you’re interested.

  8. Firefly should quell my western and scf-fi needs…And no one wants me playing Dogs.

  9. Stan. Lee. John. Dogs. *shudder*
    OK. THAT I’d play.
    Doyce needs some new nightmares.

  10. Me…
    *Laughs an evil laugh*
    *Pictures Doyce a lot like BA from KODT during the game.*
    And De…Ask Doyce sometime about the character concept/write up that I came up with for Dogs.

  11. Hmmm, I would need to figure out a religious rationalization for cannibalism in that game.

  12. Well, maybe not cannibalism but to turn evil to good, turn evildoers’ skins into holy books.

  13. Cannibalism…you could take the Stranger in a Strange Land route and claim that holy love impels you to consume other people’s bodies and souls. You could even call it something like “philiaphagos” and claim an abscure sect of ancient Greeks came up with it first.
    So, Doyce? What’s up with BD’s character? It wasn’t named “Scrogg” or anything, was it?

  14. Am I the only one who understands virtually nothing of the last ten replies here?

  15. You have to know the personalities involved to make sense of it. Trust me, in this case ignorance is best for peace of mind.

  16. Let’s see.
    Stan’s first Amber character’s goal was to kill as many family members as possible. No reason. One of his concepts for another game was Begbie the psycho brawler from Trainspotting.
    Lee once made a Champs character so disgusting that the other players insisted he come up with something else. Recently he did a very twisted avatar of Death in Nobilis.
    John is an inventively evil GM. He also did a short but memorable stint as Crime in a Nobilis game where he, for instance, served up human flesh at a tent revival barbecue.
    In DitV you play enforcers for the True Faith (really, demonstratively True and necessary) in a sort of Mormonesque frontier society. License to kill, burn or do whatever is necessary to keep heresy from aiding the forces of evil.
    Were we to play, I’d expect that my character — basically Tuco, the Ugly from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, somewhat reformed after a Religious Experience — would be the nice one, the voice of conscience.

  17. I seem to remember something from the book of Mormon about needing to bleed sinners to expiate them of their sins. Not quite meant to be taken literally, but still…
    ( I know this because it came up in a Vampire: The Masquerade game ages ago when someone was playing a Ventrue who was a mormon priest who did the evening sermons and his ‘Herd’ advantage was his holy flock. )

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