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A little note for Battleground players

If you have a nifty little macro/code/addon widget that, when you’re down to 20% or 10% health, automatically has you do something like “[Yourname] calls out for healing!”…
Shut it off when you go to the PvP battleground.
Yes, it’s probably useful when you’re grouped up in a quest or dungeon or something (though any healer doing their job well would find it insulting)… it may even be useful to hear your character (or the voice actor they hired) shout “HEAL ME!” when you’re solo and not paying attention to your health…
But in the battleground? When it’s just your and me, and I’m trying to pound your helmet back into your face? Calling out for healing at that point… it’s really just kind of sad.
And funny. I shouldn’t forget funny.