[SotC/Fate] A Different Take on Phases

From one of the game’s author’s a great tweak to the phases in SotC character generation to move away from a time-oriented series of phases and instead use a more organic series of questions to find answers for:
* Who are you?
* Who are you connected to?
* What’s your big issue?
* What kind of situations do you see yourself being involved in?
it’s very very good.
Don’t get me wrong — I love the phases of character creation in the standard Spirit of the Century rules, and I’ve used them both in a standard game and an Amber game with good success, but the phases themselves are pretty closely tied to the post-Great War setting. This tweak allows you to ‘fit’ character generation into virtually any setting with no problems at all — it has all the Aspecty-goodness of SotC with some great flavor added from things like Primetime Adventures “issues” and even the old-school Amber questionnaires. Good stuff.