Life in a Wormhole: Silence Broken Only by Soothing Gunfire #eveonline

Our constellation of wormhole systems is far simpler today than it was yesterday, for which I’m grateful. A short bit of scanning reveals we are connected to a class 2 system with connections to nullsec and class 5 wormhole space, both of which I leave well alone. The system itself has been abandoned by its occupants (the skeleton of a tower and its defenses still floating around a distant moon) and there are no other connections inbound into the system except ours, so it’s also going to be much quieter here than yesterday, which will provide a nice break for my adrenal glands.

Gor and Wil and I hit a few sites, and I get to show off the fancy little trick for destroying Perimeter Hangars in one-third the time. Gor is a fan, Wil a bit less so, since being up close and personal hurts a bit more when the Sleepers select you as primary — we need to get Wil into a tougher ship than the Harbinger he’s flying.

Aside from that, the combat goes smoothly, and only the first site picked on Wil too much. Within a few minutes we have a nice pile of wrecks to salvage, which Gor and his Noctis set into with gusto.

We loot the loot, as one does.

While the other pilots handle that, and with our evening coming to a close, I decide to pop my head out into Nullsec just to see where we are, and find the exit comes out somewhere in the Gurista Pirate-controlled areas of the Venal region. Knowing that, I ask Gor to come back over to the wormhole (after he’s safely parked the Noctis) and check the exit as well — we spent some time in Venal a few months ago, working on the Gurista’s epic story arc, and I’m curious how close we are to the mission hub. Gor can tell more easily than I can, because he left one of his ship’s parked there, and it looks like we’re only a handful of jumps away.

Will we do anything with that information? No; it’s just kinda neat.

As I mentioned, there is an alliance-wide op tomorrow, and though we are only trial members, we’ve been invited to the shananigans.

I’ve decided to participate, and wrap up the evening by slipping Ty out of our lowsec exit in his Typhoon (cunningly named Ty’s Phoon) and heading to a central rendezvous location. On a whim, I take our loot along to sell, since I’m headed toward civilization anyway; our evening of Sleeper shooting nets us 95 million isk, which should help defray the cost of any potential ship losses on the op tomorrow.

Not that I’m planning to lose a ship, but… you know.

Good to be prepared.