Life in a Wormhole: War Dec…oration #eveonline

I mentioned the new wardec in the last post, but I was getting a bit ahead of myself, since we get the tower set up and actually get a day or two to enjoy the new configuration (including a lovely couple evenings shooting sleepers with Liss, Em, and Ichi from the Walrus crew) before we get word that a notorious grief-infliction corp has declared war.

I am nonplussed by news of the wardec.

The notice goes out almost at exactly the same time as we discover a random outbound wormhole exiting our system. The coincidence could not possibly be more fortuitous, as it is not only an exit to highsec, but lies a mere four jumps from the Dodoxie market hub and a few more jumps from our corporate hangars. It seems we all know what to do (thanks to doing this dance only a few weeks ago), and Bre, Gor, Wil, Ty, Decker, Em, and Shan hop into haulers and head out to known space for various supplies. Berke even abandons his precious Orca to preserve the stability of our lucky wormhole connection, hopping into a Bustard deep space transport ship for maximum non-orca hauling.

Thanks to all the haulers present (our corp alone shows up in dodixie with six ships), we’re able to get all the fuel we need with plenty of room to spare, and take a look at some other things we’ve been meaning to do, such as pick up another half-dozen guns and electronic counter measures for the tower, then pack them into a hauler and send them home.

Also, I’ve been looking askance at a couple Prophecy-class battlecruisers that have been gathering dust in one of our hangars, and I suggest a refit to Gor that would turn the ships from inadequate Sleeper-killers to tough little “bait and tackle” ships for PvP engagements. He gives a thumbs up, and we fill one ship with all the fittings necessary and send it back as well.

Having delivered the fuel, Gor’s decided to swing by our corporate offices in known space, and I ask him about any Harbinger-class battlecruisers we have in storage, since they can be used more effectively on sleepers than the Prophecies, and two of our new members are focusing on ships of the Amarr nation. We have one in the hangar, and as luck would have it it’s already pretty much set up how we want for new-guy Sleeper killing. I buy a second hull and all the fitting necessary and pack that into another hauler to unpack and assemble at the tower. Our new pilots can’t quite ready to pilot them yet, but once they are the shield-tanked Amarr ships will be waiting and ready for Sleeper melting, and the Prophecies will give them something to fly when things go pear-shaped. Excellent.

The only problem is, since our new members aren’t quite ready to come into the wormhole (Scanning skills. Get ’em.), the wardec puts them at considerable risk, so for their safety, we decide to remove them from the corp roster until they either join us in the home system or the wardec ends.

Or at least that’s the plan. Turns out our new folks are having none of it — Moondog logs in later and says he’d rather stand with us, even with the added risk, so we leave him where he is — an old friend, we trust him to be alert to danger (or learn from mistakes).

Can’t wait to get these guys in with us; really can’t.

So: fuel loaded; ships delivered, unpacked, fit or refit (including Bre’s shiny new Anathema, leaving her only one more race’s covert ops ship to collect); defenses strengthened; and wormhole collapsed. That’s our evening complete, and the job’s a good’un. With the rorqual paid for and only one site to mine at the moment, we don’t even have to worry about a week of uneventful cabin fever — let the poor griefers in highsec twiddle their thumbs waiting for us — we’ve got better things to do.


  1. Hope your WH gives you plenty to do while waiting out the ‘dec.

  2. Honestly? Every wardec just makes me roll my eyes a little. It’s like me declaring war on the people of Toronto, promising to kick their ass… if any of them stop by my house… in the next week or so…

  3. Yeah… that wardec was… yeah.

    I’m not going to say more, for fear that karma and murphy’s law gang up to embarrass me during the next wardec, but… yeah.

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