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Fungi's Regal

Thought Record

A wooded copse looks down over an open expanse of grass. Faeries flit from shadow to shadow in the gloaming beneath the trees, occasionally circling the head of the creature that stands at the border of darkness and light. 

The creature is not human, but seems to give the impression of a humanoid form, if that form were composed of the firm but pliable substance of a mushroom, its skin the durable 'leather' of a puffball. Its toes dig into the earth beneath it and flat black 'eyes' take in the world beyond the trees. 

NAME: Fungi's Regal

DOMAIN 5  DMPs 6 (1 from Domain limitation)
REALM  1  RMPs 5

Fast Reincarnation (When the Graf is killed, it's body accelerates into decomposition as, somewhere else in the world, its body and spirit are reconstituted from the fungal matter at hand.) 3 pts.
"Rot" Teleport (1 pt)

 1 Dr. Wirtz - mycocologist, Pomona College & Chancel Labs
 2 Moonbeam - holistic herbalist 
 3 Ainsley - English TV Chef 

(2) Anchor 1
(3) Anchor 2
(2) Anchor 3
(4) Preservation of Domain
(2) Preservation of Chancel
(2) Preservation of The Code of Life
(1) Advancement of Humidifiers
(2) Chancel Lab
(1) French truffle hog (pet)
(1) The family

Uninspiring (+0 SMP -- only gives SMP for Spirit > 2, but is worth mentioning.) 
Tied to earth (+1 DMP) - must spend at least 5 night/month on Earth.

    Cold Imperator
    Bright Warning (Inquisitor Imperator)
    Destroyer: Natural substances decay when in contact with me for more than 3 hours. 1 MP
    Distracted: Bright lights slow me down: 1 MP
    Summonable - Family Flaw: (The Graf's Imperator requires that its servants are accessible to both itself and those who desperately require their aid.  Therefore, like the rest of its familia The Graf can be Summoned by those who know the proper ritual. Normally, it finds such interruptions rather enjoyable (unlike its brothers and sisters), since the sort of people who would choose to summon the Sovereign Power of Fungus are often quite... interesting.) 1 MP

Affiliation: Code of Life 
    1 Cycle of life must be preserved.
    2 Death is a part of the Cycle.
    3 Any place can be made to support life.

There are two conflicting facts regarding the Graf of Fungus: it is, far and away the most senior of the Imperator of Life's nobles, serving the Code of Life faithfully for millennia; conversely, she has died over five hundred times.  The Graf would say it is the cycle of life, which is where it has focused the nature of its Estate as well. 

[The Power of Fungus is played by Margie Kleerup.]