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Star Wars has always been one of my great and abiding loves. I grew up on the movies, devoured the idea of the thing, and have always enjoyed playing around in Lucas' backyard.

In college, the game to play was Roland G's d6 Star Wars campaign. I usually run the game, but in this case, I got a chance to play and I loved it. I downloaded new game material off the internet, wrote involved character histories, researched hardware, weapons, and vehicles -- generally made myself insufferable.

When that game closed down, I had to give up Star Wars as a gaming idea until a friend started up a game following the Phantom Menace craze. Great, fun game; tragically short-lived.

Now, WotC has the Star Wars license and runs it in d20. I played in the RPGA's Living Force campaign for awhile and even ran a home campaign, which is most of what is in this section.

Some of the page is d6, but I'm slowly converting stuff, so if you're into d20, check back. I'm converting the ships last, but I do have most of the 'player scale' ones done, so check it out.

Finally, for those folks who find it useful, I'm still hosting The Way Of The Force.

Welcome to my little corner of the Galaxy.

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