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One who devours books, literally or figuratively.

Our first campaign using the Sorcerer rules.

The Premise as defined by the group is, roughly, "What would you give up for Knowledge? Who or what would you trade for power?" We have defined Humanity as "Empathy" (your connection to and investment in your fellow man).

"When you helped somebody, right away you were responsible for that person. And things always followed for which you were never prepared."
Martha Brooks

The game is set in the North-Boston/Cambridge area, focusing (mostly) on the Harvard environs, with some off-campus business as well (both in the tech industry and the darker side of the 'independent erotic film' industry). In events leading up to this point, the PCs have become aware that various sorcerers of no small skill have died mysteriously. Also, several coeds known to the PCs have disappeared from campus and at least one of them has since turned up in a snuff video after her disappearance.

It is mid-November and the weather is bad and getting worse -- torrential rain is quickly freezing to sleet and the weather service predicts a major blizzard.

Player Characters


(in order of appearance)

Game Sessions:

The same sessions, posted to the Forge, with comments:



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