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As someone recently commented on the Forge, reading Sorcerer and "getting it" is a bit like drinking from a firehose: no matter how hard you try, some of it isn't going to get into your mouth on the first try.

In this space I collect and collate errata, rulings, and notes on Sorcerer gleaned from Forge discussions and elsewhere. Where possible, I have provided citation links to the source discussion on the Forge that provided these answers (like so: [1]), in case you would like to read the discussions personally.



Demon Abilities

VitalityWarp  Mind Control 





Sorcery and Sword

This is an unofficial player-run site and holds no affiliation with Sorcerer, Ron Edwards, or Adept Press.

Sorcerer is copyright Ron Edwards and published by Adept Press. No challenge of that copyright is intended with these pages -- the content herein is designed simply to complement the excellent work of the original Sorcerer texts by collecting some of the online information and clarification that Ron and others have provided the gaming community into a (hopefully) concise format.

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