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Come away, oh human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand
For the world's more full of weeping
Than you can understand.
The Stolen Child, William Buttler Yeats

Grimm Therapy is a short campaign developed by Paka and other members of the Forge in this thread, using the Sorcerer rules.

The game is set in vaguely midwestern American town of some size. The characters are all kids in (roughly) third grade, aged 8 or 9 years). It is the spring semester and summer is looming distantly on the horizon.

Player Characters, Group 1Player Characters, Group 2
Katelyn (played by Jackie?)Jackson (played by Justin?)
Nicholas "Nicky" Williams (played by Randy?)Coraline (played by Lori?)
Megan (played by De)Aloysius (played by David G)
 Kermit (played by Margie?)
 Jason Remkiewicz (played by Dave)
Group One NPCs Group Two NPCs
(in order of appearance) (in order of appearance)
MorganthŽ, Megan's demon Coraline's Mom
Narris, Katelyn's demon The Mouse King
Darren, Katelyn's little brother Zit, Coraline's demon
Not Christopher, a changeling The Leprechaun
Sidewinder, Nicky's demon Fred, Jackson's dragon-demon
Erin Ulasewich, ghost of a teenage girl Miss Oleksy, Math Teacher
Katelyn's Mom Compound 666, Aloysius' demon
Katelyn's Dad Fahzenda, Kermit's demon
Nicky's Dad Mrs. Johnston, the Secretary
Megan's Mom The Principal
 Super-Mega-Bot-Z, Jason's demon 
 Deanna, Jason's arch-nemesis at school 
 Eddie Wilson, a bully 
 Miss Ulasewich, a teacher and Erin's aunt 
 The Big Man, master of Bad Make-believe 
 Mister Chocko, a nasssty little sock monkey 
 Doctor Blackheart, Jason's arch-nemesis in Make-Believe 

Game Sessions:

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