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This game was played by James, Eric, Jon and Scott in Queens, New York, in June 2007.

Eric played the One True Khan of the Red Wastes, a young warrior of the barbarian tribes chosen by the majestic Lady in the Silt to lead the People to victory over the decadent civilizations of Marr'd.

Scott played the Witch-King of Stygia, a mixture of David Bowie, Aleister Crowley, and Conan the Barbarian -- he seized power with his magical sword History-Eater, and now spends most of his time as a deranged sex-psycho letting the bloodthirsty ghosts of Marr'd run his city using his court magicians as puppets.

Jon played Nimrote the Huntsman, a scarred, grizzled former slave who became master of a hellish gladiatorial arena called Black Rock. There, he forces members of dying races and near-extinct species to fight to the death in his infamous Genocide Games.

Ahem. If that sounds like a bad heavy metal concept album, blame Judd Harris, who came up with the concepts.

I've sorted the entries so that you can follow session-by-session, or trace each character's arc in isolation.

Session One

Session Two

Session Three

Session Four

Session Five

Social Commentary

This was a wonderful game. Jon, Eric and I had played several games in the Summer of 2006, but we were still getting to know each other. In the Winter we lost touch. But coming back together, it felt like old friends teaming up again with a new harebrained project. Though Scott was new to the group, he fit right in. We did a great job. We've got a really strong group, ideal for this kind of game.

Though the story wrapped up, I get the sense that we've only seen the first third of an epic. There are plenty of adorably vile characters scurrying around, and lots of loose plot threads. I hope someday we'll revisit Marr'd, but for right now we've earned a rest.

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