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Jason Remkiewicz (Rem-KEH-vitch) is a skinny, dark-haired kid with a crew cut and horn-rimmed glasses.

His favoritist possession is a Super-Mega-Bot-Z Action Figure he got for Chanukkah a year ago. It's the last thing he got from his Gampappa before Gampappa died. That night. The last night of Chanukkah.

On that night, Super-Mega-Bot-Z told him he'd never need to be afraid of anything again ...

When he's playing with Super-Mega-Bot-Z Action Figure, he can do anything. He likes to pretend that he's Super-Mega-Bot-Z's master, Kid Z.

Jason knows everything about Super-Mega-Bot-Z. He's watched all the cartoons five times, and has the first five issues (so far) of the comic book. He's been asking his Mom for one of the Original Japanese DVDs, so he can learn even more, but so far she's resisted.

If he had a wish, it would be to stop having to worry about all this school stuff and keeping his room clean and stuff like that, but instead to be Kid Z all the time and go on endless adventures against the Bad Guys with Super-Mega-Bot-Z.

Will:5Got Glasses, Oblivious
Lore:4Comic Book Education
Cover:2The Wierd Kid
Past:3Kid Z!
Usually wears what look like safety goggles, but which are "actually" the Mega-Vizio Goggles of Kid Z.
While walking to school today, Super-Mega-Bot-Z told him, "BETTER BE READY FOR ACTION TODAY, KID! DOCTOR BLACKHEART IS IN TOWN ... AND HE'S THE ONE WHO KILLED YOUR GAMPAPPA!" Before he could ask more, Deanna ran up and kicked him in the shins, and then the bell rang, and then ...

Bound Demons

Super-Mega-Bot-ZInconspicuous Demon A child's action figure. (Telltale: Booming Voice echos for blocks.)

Other NPCs:

Jason's little brother. Obnoxious kid who's always getting into his stuff, wanting to play with him, getting him in trouble with Mom... and a lot more popular with the other little kids on their block.
Nemesis of Jason in Mrs. Sullivan's class. As smart as him, but a lot less prone to get in trouble for not paying attention. She also kicks a mean shin.
Always at home, always making things nice and neat, she'd be a lot happier if Jason would crack down at his studies and stop spending so much time with that damned doll.
Works a lot. He comes home from the office late. He does something in a big office building downtown.
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