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A pulp fantasy set in the Age of Legends! Intrigue, romance, heroic adventure and spine-chilling horror lurk behind every corner! Or something like that. In keeping with the rules of Sorcerer & Sword much of this setting will be created in play as needed.


Humanity is defined by Honor. It's related to concepts like dignity, pride, trustworthiness, justice, reputation, duty and so on. If you read the old epics like The Iliad and Beowulf there's a huge emphasis on these concepts, which is repeated in the Conan stories and others.

You Gain Honor By...

  • Keeping a promise
  • Being loyal to servants and family
  • Service to your lord
  • Rewarding loyalty
  • Repaying those who wrong you
  • Accomplishing an epic task
  • Winning great plunder
  • Defeating sorcerers/demons/supernatural stuff
  • (for men in some cultures) Warrior prowess
  • (for women in some cultures) Gentle conduct
  • (posthumous) Receive a terrific funeral

You Lose Honor By...

  • Violating sacred customs of your people
  • Mistreating those who are loyal to you
  • Betraying your lord
  • Breaking a promise
  • Contacting, Summoning, or Binding
  • Travel into the Astral Plane
  • Getting tainted by a demon
  • (for men in some cultures) Failure to look after family
  • (for women in some cultures) Infidelity
  • (posthumous) Receive a disgraceful funeral

When Humanity Reaches Zero

You no longer care about anyone else. You are totally self centered, and lose all human feeling. This could be wild sensuality, inhuman coldness, or slowly becoming a grovelling, pathetic worm of a human being. Alternately you might wander off into the Astral Plane, never to return.

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