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Some 400 miles north of Caercala, beyond the North Sea, lies the Duchy of Caer Maighdean, ruled by the firm and sometimes harsh hand of its soldier duchess, Morianna Mac Aran.

The Duchy, which holds close blood ties with the barbarian clans of the North, is by far the most militarized part of the Grand Duchy, and it bears the brunt of responsibility for protecting itself from the continual raids of Orc clans that infest the country thereabouts. Caer Maighdean has thus far been able to hold off the raiders, but has suffered significant losses of manpower and resources, and Mac Aran has been bitterly critical of the slim assistance the Duchy has received from its so-called 'royal allies', though these complaints have not yet crystallized into any concrete actions.

Areas of Note

Bedell Village Caer Maighdean
Cairun Valley Darnaiga
Tanglepath Forest Threeforks

The Duchy of Caer Maighdean is a complex and detailed place... the sort of place you need a skillful and knowledgeable guide to help you navigate.

Unfortunately, all we have is Tye.

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