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Fallanor is a land of rolling hills, redwood forests, fertile farm land, and a coastline friendly to ships. Located in the southeast of the continent, Fallanor was shielded by the sandy wastes of Zalavat from the spoilage of the Dragons. Even now that the Giants have driven the Dragons from the land and established an empire of their own, Fallanor is remote enough that the Giant cities are little more than a rumor from the most well-traveled ship captains.

The people of Fallanor are called the Fallani; they are almost exclusively Human, and inhabit coastal city-states, with smaller villages inland. Several of these city-states, along the northern part of the coast, have been conquered by a visionary bishop, and now proclaim themselves the Theocratic Empire of Fallanor. The cities of the south, however, remain independent under the banner of the Free Cities.

The Fallani are tradesmen, sea-captains, pirates, and thieves. They often say one thing and do another; you can never trust anybody, so it's safest to speak out of both sides of your mouth--which is why you can never trust anybody else!

Fallani Skills

Mostly these relate to bucaneer lifestyle and so on. Players wishing to establish more sensible characters--real people instead of rapscallions--are encouraged to add to the list.

Artistic: Dance (I)
Your movements are graceful and balletic. This can be used for the sake of performance art, or to socialize with people.

Craft: Forgery (R)
You're good at making false documents, false coins, or false anythings. You're also good at spotting fakes that might get handed to you.

Fighting: Swashbuckling (I)
Awww yeah. Acrobatic fencing. Used with light swords, knives, and anything else the environment has to offer. Can be used to grant bonus dice to Athletics.

Illicit: Smuggle (R)
Lifted from the TSOY world book. This handles getting contraband into port and finding a good price for it after.

Outdoor: Seafaring (R)
You know the ways of big ships: sloops, caravels, galleons, and men o' war. Note that Swimming would be an entirely different skill, and isn't commonly known among sailors.

Fallani Secrets

Most of the cultural secrets of Fallanor revolve around the use of Pattern magic. Because the Dragons never subjagated Fallanor the people still retained the arts of reading and writing, and with those arts the knowledge of the runic patterns.

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