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Primetime Adventures is a game meant to emulate action/melodrama television shows.

The purpose of play is to create a short-run television series (5 or 9 episodes) driven by the melodramatic Issues of the show's stars. Players in PTA are both the Actors of their protagonists as well as Authors of the TV series. The GM (called the Producer in this game) has two jobs: make sure scenes move toward Conflict and work the overall story arc for the Season into play.

The First Session
The first session of a PTA series is spent on show creation. The group comes up with the premise, setting, and themes of the show. Each player also creates a protagonist that will be their main character during the series.

This game rocks. Instead of having the players spend time and attention on their characters only to get that stuff side-lined in the interest of the plot, they become the plot.

PTA Shows

PTA Notes for Play


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