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Feel free to download a character sheet from the following locations:

Revised Edition

A character sheet that mimics features of the 7th Sea character sheet (Clay Dowling)

A portrait-format sheet (Jason Morningstar)

First Edition

From Derek Hand

The above sheet is a one-page (landscape print) sheet that lists the Core Abilities of TSOY while leaving plenty of room to add your own.

I noticed that in the "Example Characters" section that many of the players used the Notes section to put in what I call "Advancement Notes", to list the Advancements taken with experience points. I figure that this stuff should be tracked, but it's not important to play, so just throw it on the back of the sheet, and leave the Notes section for real character/play notes.

The above sheet is a one-page (portrait print) sheet that folds into a booklet style character sheet with lots of detail.

I've been meaning to make and post a TSOY sheet for a long time, and I was finally inspired by The original project I started to make this sheet involved making 8 seperate pdf files, then converting them to flash objects to be used in the offline version of pocketmod. Needless to say, this is hard to share with people, so I scanned in the final printed results for this sheet. You'll probably want to visit the site for some brief instructions on how to fold and cut the sheet properly. Also, this sheet is not for people with large handwriting or bad vision.

This is the same foldable sheet as before, but this version has less room for Skills and more room for Secrets.

Upon further reflection, I figured that most characters wouldn't need the extra Skill lines, and added a smidge more room for Secrets.
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