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Some sample characters to pick at:

First Edition to Revised Edition Conversion

In converting from First Edition to Revised, "Stay Up" becomes "Endure", and ability ratings translate on this scale[1]:

0-1 -> Unskilled
2-4 -> Competent
5-7 -> Adept
8-9 -> Master
10 -> Grand Master

Revised Edition

Player characters

"Old and Gray" (First Edition) Player Characters

  • Dubro - a warrior ratkin take on the "Lone Wolf and Cub" classic
  • Grigory - a revolutionary Maldorian priest
  • Hermia - a goblin slave and jester in Ammeni
  • Jorje Melaqua - another Ammenite assassin
  • Kikut the Nibbler - timid ratkin burdened with Zu
  • Master Sgt Graythorn - a Maldor career soldier
  • Pascal Le Froid - yet another Ammenite assassin in love
  • Zoe - Maldorian noblewoman

The Mologn Saga

  • Ajilon - a Khalean elf who has entered the Grey Age, seeking immortality
  • Dombreux - an Ammenite surgeon, with issues.
  • Kapoor - an albino runt ratkin who longs to be human
  • Skatha - a Khalean bard
  • Zolobachai - Maldorian enchanter

A Very Short Engagement

  • Aloux - an Ammenite poisoner/assassin in love
  • Duval - a former apprentice, now a tutor in love
  • Lucretta - a stern elven housemistress
  • Pendejo - a thoroughly twisted goblin

Non-player characters

Non-player characters are not created to standard. Their pools are halved or non-existent and they have few Secrets and usually no Keys.


These are fan-created animals; by and large they have not been playtested. I'm assuming that a skill score of 2 represents a normal human being, and I'm using the Success Levels chart to assign scores based on the maximum performance of an animal.

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