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Though the most populous species in Terrakal, Humans have had a pretty rotten millennium. Once upon a time the Humans ruled the legendary kingdoms of Devania, Senay, Thartolan, and maintained numerous prosperous cities. Then the Dragons came, and swept everything away.

For a thousand years Terrakal was known as the Land of the Dragons, and Humans were the slaves the Dragon Lords loved to torment most. This was a terrible time, and reduced much of Human culture to barbarism.

Then the Giants came from across the Great Ocean. After titanic battles that raged for centuries, the Giants liberated the Humans, Fairies, and others enslaved by the Dragons... and then, just when the Humans were thinking about governing themselves for the first time in centuries, the Giants lay claim to the land. And they got it.

Humans can be found across Terrakal.

  • In Dor-Erthenos?, the Giantish kingdom built on the ruins of Human glory, Humans occupy all social classes, but are always subservient to the Giants.
  • In Harrowdeep?, Humans live in homesteads near the great dark wood, but Fairies seldom appreciate those who venture too deep.
  • In Zalavat?, Humans are somewhat rare; the desert climate is harsh and the Verrik are ill-omened neighbors.
  • In the Waste Lands?, Human tribes are either simple villagers, or barbaric nomads who must scrounge a living as best they can.
  • In Fallanor?, at least, the Humans have city-states of their own, but most are at war with each other.

Power the True Name

Humans do have one aspect of crunchy magical stuff: they possess true names, though not everyone knows hers. A true name represents your essence, your soul. Knowing your own true name gives you extra resistance to those who would tamper with your deepest self (i.e., magicians). On the other hand, if an enemy learns your true name you are really in trouble.

Generally true names are learned by conventional means--persuading someone to tell you what it is, by hook or by crook. Learning another's true name through magic requires an ultimate, or Level 6, success.


Humans can put 6 points into any of their pools.


Humans have no innate species abilities, and are equally skilled with any mode of life.

Human Species Secrets

Secret of Learning

(Stolen from the World of Near book.) Any single skill that is not ranked "A", is now ranked "A."

Secret of the True Name

You have discovered your true name: your place in the universe. It gives you a bonus die to resist any hostile magic cast upon you. Cost - Nothing.

Secret of the Deepest Trust

By entrusting a friend with the secret of your true name, you have given that person the deepest and most sacred trust imaginable. Any time you give a Gift Die to that character's activities, it counts as two dice. Prerequsite - must take the Secret of the True Name.

Secret of the Name Stealer

If you intend to use someone's true name against them, you must take this secret. Any time you use a supernatural effect on that person, if your action succeeds they are automatically bloodied. Prerequisite - must gain the knowledge of another's true name. Cost - 3 Reason + 1 Vigor + 1 Instinct.

Human Species Keys

Key of Cosmic Harmony

Your true name is a source of dignity and pride, and you stick to it in spite of all travails. You gain 1 XP for doing yo' thang. Gain 2 XP when your dedication to your fundamental nature irritates family, friends, or close acquaintances. Gain 5 XP when it puts you into conflict with the rest of society. Prerequisite - must have Secret of the True Name. Buyoff - Change your lifestyle.

Key of Shedding the Skin

Your true name is a source of deep dissatisfaction to you. Gain 1 XP whenever your lot in life makes you unhappy. Gain 2 XP whenever you violate your socially expected role. Gain 5 XP when this lands you in seriously hot water. Prerequisite - must have Secret of the True Name. Buyoff - Become a Dragon-Spawn.

Key of Lost Glory

Humans had a wonderful thing going until the other species came along and ruined it. Gain 1 XP whenver you boast about the glories of Human civilization. Gain 2 XP whenever you learn more about the old Human kingdoms. Gain 5 XP whenever you humiliate a member of another species. Buyoff - Praise the Giants or Fairies for the good they've done for Mankind.

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