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A Verrik could pass for a Human if it weren't for his or her wine colored skin. Their hair is either blue-black or snow white. Verrik have supernatural powers due to their incredible willpower and cosmological attunement.\\\

Millennia ago the Verrik built the world's first civilization, that of Vnax. And as that lush land decayed into desert so did the fortunes of the Verrik. In time they were eclipsed by the kingdom of Men, and then the tyranny of the Dragons, and now they are a scattered, mysterious race skulking among sand-blasted monuments at the edge of the Giantish empire.

Most of the Verrik dwell in the dessicated ruins of Zalavat, but some have traveled to the Diamond Realm and the city-states of Fallanor.

Pools and Restrictions.

A Verrik’s Reason pool must always be at least one-third of the sum of his pools. So, if you had 15 points in various pools, your Reason must be at least 5.

Verrik tend to be wise mystics with little time for frivolity or merrymaking. Verrik must have Priestly abilities rated as "A" or "B." Artistic abilities must be "B" or "C".

Innate Ability: Mysticism(Reason)

Verrik have supernatural willpower. Mysticism can be used to give bonus dice to any Resist or Stay-Up check against damage that specifically targets the senses: dazzling lights, deafening sounds, agonizing torture, and so on. Secrets eventually permit the Verrik to use this ability for psychic powers.

Verrik Species Secrets

The Verrik have many psychic powers, which should be treated as Secrets, generally working off Mysticism if necessary.

Secret of Unspoken Speech.

You can communicate telepathically with anyone you have touched. The conversation lasts a number of minutes equal to your Mysticism success level. Cost – 1 Reason + 1 per mile. This secret is required for Verrik characters.

Secret of the Psychic Arrow.

You can use Mysticism to inflict psychic damage on any intelligent being within sight. They can defend against this damage using Resist. Cost – 1 Reason.

Secret of Mind over Matter.

You can mentally propel an object or through the air at a walking pace; the weight is equal to 200 pounds times your Mysticism success level. This movement is slow and control is pretty gross. You can also use Rough Crafts at a distance without tools. Cost – 3 Reason.

Secret of Telekinetic Finesse.

You can use telekinesis to do fussy little things, and may use Fine Crafts or Theft at a distance without tools. Cost – 2 Reason. Prerequiste – Secret of Mind over Matter.

Secret of Inward Discernment.

You can use Mysticism to give a bonus to any Discern Truth checks. Cost – none.

Verrik Species Keys

Key of the Eternal Question

There is a reason for the illusion of this life, a purpose behind its entrapment of your character. Only when he answers this question will he be ready to be the master of all he dreams. Pick a philosophical question for your character. "What is the measure of a hero?" or "Can one know himself better through fulfillment or denial?" are good examples. Gain 1 XP every time you can apply this question to the situation your character's in. Gain 3 XP every time your character risks harm in pursuit of the answer. Buyoff - Answer the question.

Key of Secrecy

Verrik are a mysterious species. Gain 1 XP when you act in secret to aid or hinder someone near to you. Gain 2 XP when this action is successful. Gain 5 XP if your secret is blown but you weasel out of taking the consequences (good or bad) through force of arms, magic, or social skills. Buyoff - Confess to a friend that you are conspiring against them.

Key of Patience

The Verrik are deep thinkers who act with long term consequences in mind. Gain 1 XP when you postpone a decision to meditate or think things through. Gain 2 XP when you persuade someone not to act rashly. Gain 5 XP when you sink into meditation at a moment of urgent personal crisis.

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