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Zalavat is a rocky, desertous region and home to many ruins and mysteries. It would be considered just another part of the waste lands , but it once held a mighty civilization and the Verrik, distant descendants of that culture, still dwell here.

It shares a northern border with the Diamond Realm, but this line is very fuzzy since that area is notoriously inhospitable. Zalavat's borders to the east and west are bounded by foothills of the Elder and Bitter Mountains, respectively. To the southeast Zalavat eventually touches Fallanor, and this portion is somewhat lusher than the northern reaches.

Six thousand years ago the Verrik had an astonishing civilization here, but the relentless march of years destroyed the verdant grasslands and with it the classical Verrik culture.

The Dragons, when they came, laid claim to all of Zalavat--the Verrik who would oppose them were too scattered to mount a serious resistance, and the Verrik don't go for massive armies anyway. Instead, the Dragons realized that Zalavat had few natural resources, its slaves were difficult to control, and the territory itself didn't require much subjagation--so they left it largely alone. The Verrik won by losing.\\\

Zalavat is home to many strange beasts, but of the civilized species the Verrik make up the overwhelming majority of the population. They live in the ruins of their ancient cities and establish camps near desert oases and the few lakes that can be found. There are other, much smaller Human villages or Lion-People nomads, but these are essentially strays from the Waste Lands since there is no Zalavat border patrol to keep them out. The Dragon-Spawn are seen reasonably frequently in Zalavat, in search of long-lost knowledge.

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