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Duval was born to a minor noble family, and spent a great deal of time studying medicine and herbology. He exceled in this art, and was able to secure an apprenticeship with Chenard. For a time, Chenard was interested in Duval, as he saw him as a pontential heir; however, when he realized that Duval lacked the moral lassitude to engage in sorcery, he grew bored with him. A number of years ago, he sent Duval to be Kamala's tutor, and look after her education. Over the last few years, Duval has become bitter towards the dastardly Chenard, while at the same time he has become smitten with Kamala.

Name: Duval
Home Culture: Ammenite
Species: Human


Innate Abilities (A)

Reaction (I): 1
Resist(R): 2
Stay Up (Special): 1
Adaptability (V): 1

Artistic Abilities (B)

Story-tell (R): 1

Craft Abilities (A)

Haggling (I): 1
Complex Crafts (R): 3
Distill Herbs (R): 4
Anatomy (R): 3

Fighting Abilities (C)

First Aid (R): 1

Illicit Abilities (C)

Deceit (R): 1

Outdoor Abilities (C)

Herb Lore (R): 4
Woodscraft (R): 1

Priestly Abilities (B)

Counsel (I): 1
Zu (R): 1

Social Abilities (B)

Savoir-Faire (I): 1
Etiquette (R): 2
Sway (I): 1


Vigor: 2

Instinct: 5

Reason : 5

Advances: 10





Secret of Healing Venom
Secret of Metastasis
Secret of Knowledge:Herb Lore
Secret of Scribing
Secret of Language (Zu)
Secret of Fiery Fruit
Secret of Zu:filth-vomit-sickening


Key of Love (Kamala)
Key of Vengeance (Chenard)
Key of Conscience

Weapons and Armor

Powdered herb of eloise:+3 to silence Chenard

Other Equipment


  • Advance 1: Key of Vengeance
  • Advance 2: Secret of Knowledge
  • Advance 3: +1: Distill Herbs, Herb Lore, Anatomy
  • Advance 4: Secret of Metastasis
  • Advance 5: Key of Conscience
  • Advance 6: +1:Distill Herbs, Herb Lore, Anatomy
  • Advance 7: Secret of Scribing
  • Advance 8: Secret of Language
  • Advance 9: +1:Etiquette, Zu
  • Advance 10: Secret of Fiery Fruit
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