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Secret of Eleazar's Generalship

A mighty commander of men before the Sky Fire destroyed the empire, Eleazar wrote a famous text on tactics and the deployment of forces. By studying this text you have gained profound strategic insights. When engaged in group Pain-Bringing using the Zeitgeist method, you can make a Battle skill check. Your side gets a pool of dice equal to your Success Level, which they can share for the duration of that conflict. Cost - 1 Reason.

This Secret is modeled on the Secret of Blessing from the core rules.

Secret of the Smoke Bomb

Enterprising pyrotechnic enthuasists have rediscovered the use of bombs which generate a large cloud of smoke, primarily as a means of escape. This Secret allows a character to use Demolotions to create a large cloud of smoke. If used successfully during Bringing Down the Pain, the contest is immediately over with neither side attaining their intention, and the character who used it escaping from the scene. Cost - 1 Instinct.

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