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OOC Commentary, entirely unedited.

Session Start: Mon Dec 27 18:16:46 2004
Session Ident: #tsoy_ooc
* Logging #tsoy_ooc to 'logs\#tsoy_ooc.Magic Star?.log'
[18:16] <Lucretta> DGJL: could you /nick Duval?
[18:17] * Da Great JL is now known as Duval
[18:17] <anonymouse> (started logging #tsoy and #tsoy_ooc for posterity)
[18:17] <James> (thanks!)
[18:17] <Duval> How do you make the action statements (the ones in purple?)
[18:17] * James is now known as Kamala
[18:17] <anonymouse> use: /me <message>
[18:17] * timfire has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[18:17] * anonymouse is soooo much cooler!
[18:18] <Aloux> Cover your ears!
[18:18] * Lucretta bumps into Duval.
[18:18] <Kamala> hi Pandejo!
[18:19] * timfire has joined #tsoy_OOC
[18:19] * Pendejo has joined #tsoy_ooc
[18:19] * Pendejo stage-whispers "Sorry!"
[18:19] <Lucretta> Funny. Very funny.
[18:20] <anonymouse> Drama!
[18:20] * Kamala is now known as James
[18:20] <Lucretta> James: which of us knows who?
[18:21] <James> L, D, A and P all know each other: they're Chenard's retainers, though they may not meet often. L and D both live at the Lake Temple though.
[18:21] <Lucretta> Thanks
[18:21] <Aloux> bam!
[18:22] <Pendejo> OK.
[18:22] <Pendejo> Hm, strangely, we could do double-duty as the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
[18:23] <Lucretta> Wow, could we turn the computer geek down just a touch?
[18:23] * James is now known as Chenard
[18:24] * Chenard is now known as Kamala
[18:25] <Lucretta> Kamala, what have you done?
[18:25] * Kamala is now known as James
[18:25] * James is now known as Chenard
[18:25] <Lucretta> Sorry, wrong window.
[18:27] * Chenard is now known as Kamala
[18:27] <Aloux> Man, wow. I use IRC for like five minutes, and it's like Penthouse up in here.
[18:28] * Kamala is now known as Chenard
[18:29] * Chenard is now known as Kamala
[18:29] * Kamala is now known as Chenard
[18:30] <Pendejo> The idea of becoming human, that is, not the shift-raising. But whatever.
[18:30] <Lucretta> Great detail not required.
[18:31] * Chenard is now known as Kamala
[18:31] <Pendejo> (Just for the record, I see Pendejo as somewhat more frog- than doglike.
[18:31] <Aloux> Dude, Pendejo. Seriously.
[18:31] * Kamala is now known as SG
[18:32] <Pendejo> Oh man, this is just too disgusting.
[18:32] <Pendejo> LOL
[18:32] <Lucretta> Wouldn't it make sense to keep the SG commentary to the OOC?
[18:33] <Aloux> I'm going to make a serious-ass poison here. Let me see:
[18:33] <SG> (maybe, but I don't want to worry too much about switching nicks, etc.)
[18:33] <Lucretta> I think you missed the point of the exam.
[18:34] * SG is now known as Chenard
[18:35] <Aloux> I'm going to want to roll Herb Lore to "find" the powdered black poiture I have, and then Distill Herbs to make a poison.
[18:35] <Duval> I'm going to want to make a roll for poisonmaking on my own, once he's done.
[18:35] <Aloux> And by the way, don't forget about the Gift of Dice!
[18:36] <Aloux> It would seem we each have five bonus dice to spread around to each other.
[18:36] <Aloux> I'm going to go ahead and roll my Herb Lore now
[18:36] <Pendejo> Till I stab you to death for pushing me on that nasty girl! Ick ick!
[18:36] <Chenard> Aloux, please go ahead
[18:36] <Aloux> #roll 2d6+2
[18:36] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Aloux [2d6+2]: 10>
[18:37] <Chenard> Aloux, that's SL 1 - it's not bad, but you've done better.
[18:37] * Chenard is now known as SG
[18:37] <Aloux> Well, that worked. My roll for the Distill Herbs ability will have 1 bonus die.
[18:37] <Aloux> #roll 1d6 1d6 1d6
[18:37] <Vaxalon> #roll 3[1d6]
[18:37] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Vaxalon [3[1d6]]: 6 5 3 >
[18:37] <SG> hmm - try that with 3[1d6] instead
[18:37] <Aloux> #roll 3[1d6]
[18:37] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Aloux [3[1d6]]: 6 4 4 >
[18:38] <Aloux> That's 14 all together.
[18:38] <Aloux> (Because of +4 for Distill Herbs)
[18:38] <SG> (k)
[18:38] <SG> what are you going for here?
[18:39] <Aloux> I'm spending 4 Reason with the Secret of Metastasis, and end up with a poison that does:
[18:39] <Aloux> Damage + 2, 2 penalty dice to all Instinct-based abilities,
[18:40] <Aloux> The potency is 14, from my roll before.
[18:40] <Pendejo> This guy is really seriously depraved.
[18:41] * SG is now known as Chenard
[18:44] <Aloux> This should be good.
[18:44] <Pendejo> Heh.
[18:44] <Lucretta> The tension is killing me.
[18:44] <Pendejo> Uggh!
[18:44] <Pendejo> 'comparative biology.' Oy.
[18:45] <Aloux> Man, squick.
[18:45] <Pendejo> Am I in this scene?
[18:46] <Pendejo> 'coz if I am I'm hopping back and forth and grinning all gobliny.
[18:46] <Lucretta> Actually, who is present?
[18:47] <Pendejo> (Chenard, who's in this scene?)
[18:48] <Chenard> (Everybody, now. sorry, I'm having trouble iwth this multiple window thing.)
[18:48] <Pendejo> s'cool, man.
[18:48] * Chenard is now known as Some
[18:49] * Some is now known as Some_Lady_from_Court
[18:49] * Some_Lady_from_Court is now known as SG
[18:49] <anonymouse> Shark-like grin.. I imagining goblins as some kind of Gibsonesque gang. Lots of vat-grown and genetic modifications. i.e. literal shark's grin ;p
[18:49] <Pendejo> Oh yeah, two rows of those teeth, for sure.
[18:50] <anonymouse> Yeah
[18:50] * SG is now known as Chenard
[18:51] <Aloux> His finery? OMG.
[18:51] <Pendejo> Er, sweeps.
[18:51] <Vaxalon> Seeps is good too.
[18:51] <Vaxalon> Like rising damp.
[18:52] * Chenard is now known as SG
[18:52] <Pendejo> Hey, I actually have, um, Fine Crafts 1.
[18:53] * Aloux wipes a tear from his eye.
[18:54] <Vaxalon> Blubbery?
[18:54] <Pendejo> You know, slobbering, ichorous, slimy.
[18:54] <Vaxalon> Blubbery=fat
[18:56] <anonymouse> Say hello to Mr. Homonym ;p
[18:56] <Pendejo> Hmm.
[18:57] <Pendejo> I'd like to roll to observe what Aloux is up to.
[18:57] <Pendejo> First I guess I'll try to extricate myself, though.
[18:57] <Aloux> That sounds like a good idea. I should come up with something.
[19:00] <SG> O Kay?, so what's up?
[19:00] <SG> Lucretta, Aloux -- plotting? Pendejo -- eavesdropping on plotting?
[19:01] <Pendejo> Well, kinda depends. Whatever I can manage, I guess.
[19:01] <Lucretta> Well, Pendejo is stuck to me for the time being, and I'm returning Kamala to her quarters. Plotting comes after.
[19:01] <Vaxalon> Is it a coincidence that Leucretta's name is so similar to that venerable Dn D monster, the "Leucrotta"?
[19:02] <Lucretta> Um, yes.
[19:02] <Vaxalon> heh
[19:03] <Pendejo> Hee hee hee.
[19:03] <Lucretta> Oh, the irony.
[19:04] <SG> Duval -- girl gets seduced by Aloux; threatened with marriage/death/experimentation; losing your job. Anything in mind about this?
[19:04] <SG> Aloux - still intending to use that poison from before?
[19:04] <Aloux> I don't know about Duval, but you've got about 10 minutes until I kill something.
[19:04] <SG> ok
[19:05] <Aloux> I've got a bizarre plan, but I need to put it together.
[19:05] <Pendejo> Pendejo is speaking Ammeni, of course.
[19:05] <Pendejo> (afk just 2 mins.)
[19:06] <Duval> Actually, yes, I do have something in mind.
[19:06] <Lucretta> Great timing, Pendejo.
[19:06] <Pendejo> (back!)
[19:07] <Vaxalon> LOL ---
[19:07] <Vaxalon> Stiffening powder.
[19:07] <Aloux> I want a Discern Truth roll. These guys really taking me to be interrogated, or is more going on?
[19:08] <Pendejo> (please feel free to kick Pendejo savagely)
[19:08] <Aloux> #roll 2d6+2
[19:08] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Aloux [2d6+2]: 6> \\ [19:08] <Aloux> Ouch.
[19:08] <Duval> Okay, so, I'd like to make an Herb Lore roll, for the purpose of rolling Distill Herbs and whatnot.
[19:08] <SG> Aloux, it's hard to say what these guys want.
[19:08] <SG> Duval, go right ahead.
[19:09] <Duval> #roll 2d6+4
[19:09] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [2d6+4]: 12> \\ [19:09] <SG> Duval, that is Success Level 2
[19:10] <Duval> So, that's two bonus dice on the Distill roll?
[19:10] <SG> yah, I think so.
[19:10] <Aloux> Shit, I should have rolled for that. There goes the IIEE.
[19:10] <SG> (niiiiiiiice, aloux)
[19:10] <Duval> #roll 4[1d6]
[19:10] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [4[1d6]]: 6 3 1 6 >
[19:10] <SG> (don't worry about that stuff; I'm new to the forge, so I can't remember what that shit means)
[19:11] <SG> OK-- hold up a second, a couple of things to do
[19:11] <SG> Duval, what do you have in mind there-- I think that's a 16, which is SL 4?
[19:12] <Duval> Okay... hmm, I'm not sure how to do this within the mechanics...
[19:12] <SG> (Clinton, can you help Duval's player out? He has SL 4 on distilling poisons)
[19:12] <Duval> I want to make something that can be added to dinner, that will shorten tempers and inspire anger at the slightest provocation.
[19:13] <Aloux> Hm.
[19:13] <SG> Duval, I think you get 1 extra effect per 2 reason points spent
[19:13] <SG> that would be lowering people's reason and probably increasing their vigor--say, the Blood Poiture drug, distilled and super-ized?
[19:14] <Aloux> Ok. It does that. By default, anyone who fails a Stay Up roll vs its potency will be pissed off. If they don't want to be, they can Bring Down the Pain, and take damage for doing so.
[19:14] <Aloux> See how that "what I want to happen happens unless you say no" thing makes poisons flexible?
[19:14] <Duval> It does, rather.
[19:15] <Aloux> I actually forgot about that and almost got all super-mechanical.
[19:15] <Aloux> You can, however, if you have the Secret of Meta-stasis, do stuff like lower people's Vigor.
[19:16] <Duval> I don't want to do that, though; I want people to be able to do damage while under the influence.
[19:18] <SG> I get the impression that Blood Poiture is a bit like PCP -- it makes people enraged and short-tempered.
[19:19] <Aloux> That would be correct. Bonus die to Vigor based, 2 penalty dice to Reason-based, and it makes you all pissy.
[19:19] <Aloux> Man, lame. Now I have to screw up this guard's face.
[19:20] <Aloux> I'm going to spit the poison right in his eyes.
[19:20] <Aloux> It's only potency 10.
[19:21] <Aloux> And it will give one penalty die to Vigor-based if successful.
[19:21] <SG> okay, so we handle this with Latour making an attack, but also trying to resist the poison?
[19:22] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for SG [2d6]: 3>
[19:22] <Aloux> Um, I think I should make an Assassination roll first vs his Reaction. If successful, my S Ls are penalty dice on his Stay Up check. My intention is to blind him, or weaken him enough to escape.
[19:22] <SG> ok
[19:22] <SG> go right ahead
[19:22] <Aloux> #roll 2d6+2
[19:22] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Aloux [2d6+2]: 8>
[19:23] <Aloux> Oh, shit. We both failed.
[19:23] <Pendejo> D'oh!
[19:23] <Pendejo> I woulda given Aloux a die there.
[19:23] <Aloux> DO IT.
[19:24] <Pendejo> *poof*
[19:24] <SG> It's a cool move
[19:24] <SG> I'll give a dice too because it is neat-o
[19:24] <Aloux> Hey - I got a total before, which is no good for this.
[19:24] <Aloux> What say we agree I rolled 3 twice, and I roll the bonus dice now.
[19:24] <Aloux> #roll 2[1d6]
[19:24] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Aloux [2[1d6]]: 6 4 >
[19:25] <Aloux> That's a 12, which is a good time for all.
[19:25] <Pendejo> Yay!
[19:25] <SG> so-- that's a -2 penalty dice?
[19:25] <SG> automatic fail if using standard 2d6 resolution?
[19:26] <Aloux> He rolls Stay Up, and needs to beat 10.
[19:26] <Lucretta> Not an autofail, since he would still roll 6 6 6 6.
[19:26] <Aloux> It's resisted, but the first roll was done way back at Herb lore.
[19:26] <Duval> Umm, I'd like to roll Complex Crafts to make a legitmate complaint about some spice the soup needs.
[19:27] <Duval> I can wait.
[19:27] <SG> Duval, go right ahead
[19:27] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for SG [2d6]: 6>
[19:27] <SG> Okay, Latour failed after all.
[19:27] <Pendejo> (I'd be happy if the multiple-scenes-at-once slowed up a bit; I'm having trouble staying on top of things.)
[19:27] <SG> (*you* are??)
[19:27] <SG> (but point taken.)
[19:28] <SG> Slowing up....
[19:28] <SG> Duval's scene
[19:28] <SG> Lying to people.
[19:28] * Aloux slows up, too.
[19:29] <SG> make your roll, Duval -- format is "/roll x[1d6] #tsoy_ooc" where x is the number of dice you're rolling
[19:29] <Duval> #roll 2d6+3
[19:29] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [2d6+3]: 8>\\ [19:29] <Duval> Ouch. Can I use a point of Reason for a bonus die/reroll?
[19:30] <Lucretta> I'll give you a Gift Die, actually.
[19:30] <Aloux> I'll do the same.
[19:30] * Aloux has 4 gift dice left.
[19:30] <Lucretta> (I wanna see a battle royale at dinner.)
[19:30] <SG> okay -- with 4 dice, in the re-roll
[19:31] <Duval> #roll 4[1d6]
[19:31] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [4[1d6]]: 2 2 3 2 >
[19:31] <Pendejo> Ow!
[19:31] <Duval> !
[19:31] <Lucretta> Ouch
[19:31] <Aloux> Dag-gum.
[19:31] <Pendejo> Sucks to be you.
[19:31] <Aloux> I might use that Reason point, if I were you.
[19:32] <Duval> I'm going to do it.
[19:32] <Aloux> The poisoned wine, duh.
[19:32] <Duval> #roll 1d6
[19:32] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [1d6]: 2>
[19:32] <Lucretta> There's another kind in Ammeni?
[19:33] <Pendejo> Heh
[19:33] <Aloux> YOU ARE THE ROLL-MASTER.
[19:33] <Pendejo> Hmm.
[19:33] <SG> (I assume Duval is slipping his potion into the soup?)
[19:33] <Lucretta> Wow. Y Ou? are not meant to use Fine Crafts in this deception
[19:33] <Pendejo> I guess it *is* personal.
[19:33] <Lucretta> Try "Look over there!"
[19:33] <Pendejo> You could always Bring It, of course!
[19:33] <SG> (yes, yes! bring it!)
[19:33] <Lucretta> That I'd like to see!
[19:34] <Aloux> Try not to Bring the Twos, though.
[19:34] <Duval> Let's see if I can get the wine, then will Bring It.
[19:34] <Lucretta> Just hit him.
[19:34] * samachadreal has joined #tsoy_ooc
[19:34] <Duval> Okay, I'm going to try and Sway him to give me just a little more patience.
[19:34] <SG> Let's say that bringing it will let you get access to the wine unobserved.
[19:35] <SG> roll Sway
[19:35] <SG> I recommend an Instinct point
[19:35] <Duval> #roll 3[1d6]
[19:35] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [3[1d6]]: 4 1 1 >\\ [19:35] <SG> It's a pity we aren't playing the Pool
[19:35] <Duval> Even with the Instinct, that fails.
[19:36] <Lucretta> RPG Serv has it in for you, man.
[19:36] <SG> Shall we commence bringification?
[19:36] <Pendejo> Sheesh, no kidding.
[19:36] <Aloux> You should Bring It against RPG Serv.
[19:36] <Duval> Okay, let's Bring Down the Pain, 'cuz I've got some nasty poison, an I'm using it, blast it!
[19:36] <SG> Okay -- Gascard's intention is to shoo you out of his kitchen.
[19:37] <SG> Anybody else involved? Lucretta or Pendejo could be passing through. Aloux is looking for a place to hide.
[19:37] <Pendejo> Yeah, I'm in!
[19:37] <Duval> My intention is to get access to the wine, to poison it.
[19:37] <Aloux> Kitchen throwdown? I could be in on that.
[19:38] <Aloux> I think I'll save myself the Pain for a while, though.
[19:38] <Lucretta> Lucretta is casually searching Aloux's crap, so I'll stay in the audience on the Iron Chef Championship
[19:38] <Pendejo> Duval's the tutor on the island, right?
[19:38] <SG> okay, Duval, please make whatever check you are using
[19:38] <SG> (yes)
[19:39] <Lucretta> afk, ~2min
[19:39] <Aloux> I need the Secret of Trapping One's Drawers.
[19:39] <Pendejo> Would Pendejo know of his crush on Kamala?
[19:39] <SG> Will it make a cool story if he does?
[19:40] <SG> Pendejo has a decent Reaction score, so he may have noticed such things--since he's afflicted with Chenard himself.
[19:40] <Pendejo> Oh, I promise. I'll ask him for advice and provoke him horribly.
[19:40] <SG> Gascard rolls etiquette to stop Duval--
[19:40] <Duval> Okay, Duval is going to point out that this is the master's big night, and if the dinner fails because of the chef, the chef bites it big, but Duval has nothing to lose, so he should place the trust in Duval's judgement as to whether the wine goes well with what is being prepared.
[19:40] <Pendejo> Master is clever and strong! Kamala is boring. Why would Pendejo want *her*?
[19:40] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for SG [2d6]: 6>
[19:41] <SG> Gascard gets a failure...
[19:41] <Lucretta> (back)
[19:41] <SG> go ahead and roll, Duval
[19:41] <Pendejo> Gift!
[19:41] <Duval> #roll 2d6+1
[19:41] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [2d6+1]: 7>
[19:41] <Aloux> And try to use the x[1d6] method of rolling.
[19:41] <SG> ooops, gift dies
[19:41] <SG> *dice
[19:41] <Aloux> Otherwise, bonus dice don't work.
[19:41] <SG> yah, so it would be 3[1d6] instead
[19:41] <Duval> I'm sorry, I'll stop screwing up from here.
[19:42] <Vaxalon> He'll save it until he's elsewhere.
[19:42] <Duval> #roll 3[1d6]
[19:42] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [3[1d6]]: 3 1 2 >
[19:42] <SG> Boh
[19:42] <Pendejo> Oy gevalt!
[19:42] <SG> Okay, so nobody wins this one.
[19:42] <Duval> I'm going to use an Instinct die.
[19:42] <Duval> #roll 1d6
[19:42] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [1d6]: 6>\\ [19:42] <SG> score!!!!
[19:42] <Lucretta> Hurrah!
[19:43] <SG> so Gascard has to roll Stay Up to avoid becoming "bloodied"
[19:43] <Duval> YES!!!
[19:43] <Aloux> Correct.
[19:43] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for SG [2d6+2]: 5>
[19:44] <Pendejo> That don't look so good.
[19:44] <Aloux> The damage was only 1, so he couldn't fail that.
[19:44] <Pendejo> Ah.
[19:44] <SG> not trying to beat a success level?
[19:44] <Pendejo> No, you just have to beat your current damage.
[19:45] <SG> Duval, care to add your shrillness to the Tsoy thread?
[19:45] <SG> k
[19:45] <Pendejo> (tsoy thread?)
[19:45] <SG> Gascard tries again....
[19:45] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for SG [2d6+1]: 9>
[19:46] <Duval> I am also going to try again.
[19:46] <Duval> #roll 2[1d6]
[19:46] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [2[1d6]]: 2 6 >
[19:46] <SG> so: Duval with 1 damage, Gascard with 2
[19:46] <SG> (this might take a while)
[19:46] <Duval> I'd like to change intentions.
[19:46] <Aloux> Without "weapons," this can get a little lengthy. It's faster in person, I promise.
[19:46] <Aloux> Oh, snap.
[19:47] <SG> (okay)
[19:47] <SG> Duval is changing up....
[19:47] <SG> Gascard is still trying to be polite as Duval pauses to think.
[19:47] <Aloux> So, Gastard basically gets a free action.
[19:47] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for SG [2d6+1]: 12>
[19:47] <SG> Duval has 3 damage now.
[19:47] <SG> (still no point in rolling to stay up)
[19:47] <Aloux> Duval does get a React roll, if he likes.
[19:48] <Duval> What does the React roll do?
[19:48] <Lucretta> OTOH, since this is an argument, can't rhetorical devices count as weapons?
[19:48] <Duval> (My book hasn't arrived in the mail yet.)
[19:48] * Aloux decides to be the "umpire" for a while.
[19:48] <SG> (yes, why not? also, pendejo can cause a distraction or Aloux can come ripping through.)
[19:48] <Pendejo> Lucretta, I'm sure they could. I have the book, and there's no real difference from the online version.
[19:48] <Aloux> The React roll -- I mean Resist -- allows you to avoid the damage.
[19:48] <Pendejo> OK, I'll roll to steal food then.
[19:49] * Pendejo 's intention is to steal a snack.
[19:49] <SG> (Lucretta, Kamala is sobbing in her room. One of her ladies-in-waiting must have told her.)
[19:49] <Pendejo> Then the chef has multiple opponents.
[19:49] <Aloux> And, yes, the SG can give temporary weapons for whatever.
[19:49] <Duval> Okay, so, rolling to Resist.
[19:49] <Duval> #roll 2[1d6]
[19:49] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [2[1d6]]: 3 2 >
[19:49] <SG> Duval, since this involves your Key of Love, you're probably uptight, and can get a +1 "stressed out" weapon to boost your success level
[19:50] <SG> New round
[19:50] <Duval> All right, do I declare my new intention now?
[19:50] <SG> yes, duval -- what's the plan?
[19:50] <Lucretta> (don't feel like you HAVE to keep me involved when there's a combat to run)
[19:50] <Pendejo> Yes, this is fun just to watch.
[19:50] <SG> Pendejo, you can roll to steal things
[19:50] <SG> (k, just let me know if the yawns come in.)
[19:50] <Pendejo> I'm havin' fun.
[19:51] <Lucretta> (but given that, when you want, I'll start using Aloux's herbs to put together something to numb her emotions. Think the Valium in 28 Days Later.)
[19:51] <SG> (duval?)
[19:51] <Duval> Okay, basically, I'm going to go off on how my knowledge of indiginous plants and their uses would allow me to season food in a way that a common cook couldn't compare with, citing examples. I'll be using Herb Lore for the roll.
[19:51] <Lucretta> (I'm also thinking to "accidentally" discover Aloux's letter.)
[19:51] <Aloux> Oh, you think? I've got the letter in my pocket.
[19:51] <SG> (niiiice. Duval, I'll give a bonus dice for that. also, remember oyu have a +1 SL for the urgency)
[19:52] <Lucretta> Fair enough.
[19:52] <Aloux> Hi, I'm Aloux, and I leave evidence all around.
[19:52] <Pendejo> "Hi Aloux"
[19:52] <Pendejo> (Welcome to Henchmen Anonymous)
[19:52] <SG> you can roll any time Duval
[19:52] <Duval> #roll 4[1d6]
[19:52] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Duval [4[1d6]]: 1 5 5 3 >
[19:52] <Pendejo> #roll 2[1d6]
[19:52] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for Pendejo [2[1d6]]: 6 3 >
[19:52] <Duval> With a +4 from Herb Lore, that's a 14.
[19:52] <Duval> For me.
[19:52] <Pendejo> That's 11 with my Theft of 2.
[19:53] <Lucretta> Well, you know, some people don't expect Stern Housemistresses to search their rooms.
[19:53] <SG> that's 14 (SL 3), +1 SL for total SL 4
[19:53] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for SG [2d6+2]: 5>
[19:53] <SG> that is under Gascard's current damage. he is bloodied
[19:53] <Pendejo> How would Gascard resist the theft while also arguing with Duval?
[19:54] <SG> ummm -- hmm.
[19:54] -RPG Serv:#tsoy_ooc- <Roll for SG [2d6+1]: 5>
[19:54] <Lucretta> He's at a penalty die for both if he opts to resist, otherwise a simple success is enough.
[19:54] <Lucretta> (I think.)
[19:54] <Vaxalon> A deftly thrown frypan
[19:54] <SG> umm - well, he would be bloodied for this herb lore thing anyway
[19:54] <SG> and even extra bloodied from the distraction?
[19:55] <SG> Duval, feel free to add your advice to the IC room, just so we have it on file
[19:55] <Pendejo> Makes sense to me; I could also use mine as bonus levels for Duval, I think, as my intention (as a player) is to distract Gascard.
[19:56] <Lucretta> Only if he's trying to prevent P from stealing food, with something like Reaction(?)
[19:56] <Pendejo> Ah, looks as if he's submitting anyway.
[19:57] <SG> Okay! Moving along!
[19:57] <Aloux> Quick question. When are we playing until?
[19:58] <SG> I'm comfortable ending here, or we can go for another hour at most.
[19:58] <Lucretta> I'm ambivalent.
[19:58] <SG> I was thinking of switching over to the dinner scene right now and sorting everything out
[19:58] <SG> unless Pendejo and Duval want a serious heart to heart.
[19:58] <Aloux> That is a spectacular idea.
[19:58] <Pendejo> I think this is a good setup so far. I'm up for a bit more time, but I'm fine wiht next week too.
[19:58] <SG> er - do we want to do a next week?
[19:59] <Pendejo> Sure, zep to dinner is fine with me.
[19:59] <Duval> I would prefer to end sooner rather than later, as I have a lady friend coming over in a little while.
[19:59] <SG> ahhh
[19:59] <Aloux> Duval, you sly dog.
[19:59] <Pendejo> OK, I'd rather stop than risk Duval's skippin' out.
[19:59] <Vaxalon> Yeah
[19:59] <SG> okay, wanna try this next week to finish up? should take an hour at most, and I'll try to give everybody something to do
[19:59] <Pendejo> Your lady could see the Goblin/Human sorta-sex scene! It'll be romantic.
[19:59] <Aloux> I'm very much up for a next week.
[19:59] <Vaxalon> We all know where gaming falls, prioritywise.
[19:59] <SG> ok, cool
[19:59] <Pendejo> *pfft*
[20:00] <Duval> I'm totally up for next week.
[20:00] <Pendejo> My players would gladly give up air to play in my games!
[20:00] <SG> I *might* have some trouble--weekdays aren't great for me
[20:00] <Pendejo> I'm an *artiste* mannn.
[20:00] <Lucretta> Monday at 9EST again?
[20:00] <SG> let's shoot for that. it will just be 1 scene, 2 at most
[20:00] <Pendejo> Suits me. Now that I know it's *three* hours ahead. Oops.
[20:00] <SG> where are you people, anyway? I'm east coast US.
[20:00] <Aloux> Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me until my completely fucked-up master offered me some sweet slave action...
[20:00] <Lucretta> CST.
[20:00] <Pendejo> Vancouver, British Columbia.
[20:00] <Pendejo> PST, that is.
[20:00] <SG> lol
[20:00] <Duval> Northern California, PST.
[20:00] <Aloux> CST here.
[20:00] <Pendejo> LOL Aloux
[20:00] * Bob_McNamee has joined #tsoy_ooc
[20:01] <SG> hey!
[20:01] <Lucretta> Hey, you wrote a game about love and sex. What'd you expect would happen?
[20:01] <SG> incidentally this entire plot was improvised, which is why it may have sagged a bit for some characters. but that's easily fixed next time.
[20:01] * Aloux is now known as Clinton_R_Nixon
[20:01] <anonymouse> It seemed to read pretty well from here.
[20:01] <Pendejo> Sheesh, if anything it was over-busy. Don't sweat it man.
[20:01] * Duval is now known as Da Great JL
[20:02] <SG> the notion of marrying off Kamala to Pendejo was adlibbed.
[20:02] * SG is now known as James
[20:02] <Pendejo> . . . and genius.
[20:02] * Lucretta is now known as Judson
[20:02] <James> thanks for coming everybody, I had a nice time.
[20:02] * Clinton_R_Nixon enjoyed it, although I'm itching to poison someone. I don't know who, though.
[20:02] <Clinton_R_Nixon> Great ad-lib.
[20:02] * Pendejo is now known as T Quid?
[20:02] <Judson> It was a very nice improv.
[20:02] <James> yeah, not enough stabby-stabby, but that's because the guy playing Dubro couldn't make it I guess
Session Close: Mon Dec 27 20:02:40 2004

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