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These are the Keys of the Tserani from Sireap Valley

Key of Zoophobia

Tserani believe that the wilds outside the settled areas of the valley are full of vengeful spirits that are not yet part of the Sun's kingdom who hate the Tserani for the abuses of Sijjin's farro. As a result, many Tserani are deathly afraid of the wilds. Especially beasts, which everyone know can be possessed by spirits at the drop of a hat. They can either kill your or curse your family, and neither is good. 1 XP: The Tserani acts to off his fear of wild animals. 3 XP: Defends himself against serious, possibly life-threatening, attack by a beast Buyoff: Befriend a beast.

Key of Salvager

Many Tserani covet the secrets of Casnic, no matter how many times the Dresors tell them it will end in blood or tears. 1 XP: Every time your character acquires an antique 3 XP: Every time your character Buyoff: Curse your antiques as cursed and destroy them.

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