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A Khalean bard who fell in love with an elf (Elgar) and has left her homeland to search for him. Her skin is bronze, and she has red hair and a strong nose. She is passionate and artistic.

Skatha first met the elf Elgar as a child when he passed through their village. Although she refused to admit it, she was fascinated by the pale stranger. Elgar visited regularly, although it was years between visits and he stayed only a couple of days. He complimented Skatha on her harp-playing once, and that was when she realized she was in love with him. Several years later, Elgar did not make his regular appearance, and Skatha set out to look for him. She did not tell her family this, knowing they would disapprove of her fascination with an elf. She instead told them that she wanted to see the world and look for new songs.

Skatha has since found many new songs, but has yet to find Elgar himself. She is still looking.

Name: Skatha
Home Culture: Khale
Species: Human


Innate Abilities (A)

Athletics (Vigor) 4
Reaction (Instinct) 4
Resist (Reason) 1
Stay Up (Special) 1

Artistic Abilities (A)

Story-tell (Reason) 4
Music (Instinct) 5

Craft Abilities (C)

Fighting Abilities (B)

Guerilla Warfare (Instinct) 1
Scrapping (Instict) 1

Illicit Abilities

Outdoor Abilities (C)

Camouflage (Instinct) 1
Animal Ken (Vigor) 1
Woodscraft (Reason) 1

Priestly Abilities (B)

Tree-bond (Instinct) 1
Genealogy (Reason) 1

Social Abilities (B)

Sway (Instinct) 1
Savoir-Faire (Instinct) 1
Dueling (Vigor) (A) 2


Vigor: 3/5

Instinct: 1/5

Reason : 2

Advances: 5

Experience: 7 XP.




Secret of the Perfect Chord (Joy)
Secret of the Perfect Chord (Sorrow)


Key of Unrequited Love (Elgar)
Key of Conscience

Weapons and Armor

Sword with scabbard that goes "schwing!"
[1] took the lap harp.

Other Equipment


  • Advance 1: Secret of the Perfect Chord (Sorrow)
  • Advance 2: Key of Conscience
  • Advance 3: Increase two B abilities
  • Advance 4: Secret of Knowledge (Dueling)
  • Advance 5: Increase three A abilities
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