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((For another version of Steampunk Secrets, Abilities, and Keys, see The City of Petrana))


Secret of the Sharpshooter—When using ranged weapons that utilize the Aim skill, you may add +1 to the damage that you do with a successful hit.

Secret of Fast Draw—No one beats you to the draw. If using a handgun (that is conveniently holstered on your person) with the Aim skill during the first round of an opposed action, you may add one bonus die to your roll.

Secret of the Steel Heart—Any time you are called upon to take a Resist check that involves any kind of fear or panic, you may add a bonus die to your roll.

Secret of Jury-Rigging—Your character has the uncanny ability to build or repair simple devices even when he doesn’t have all the available tools and/or equipment. Cost: 2 Reason.

Secret of the Gearhead—Your character gets along better with machines than people. When dealing with any sentient or partially sentient automata, you gain a bonus die to all your Instinct rolls.

Secret of the Heart of the Machine—Your character has more oil in his veins than blood. For the purposes of refreshing ability pools, your character may count machines as characters, whether they are sentient or not. In other words, spending a long night tinkering with the engine of an airship is the same for you as drinking with a buddy.

Secret of the Spontaneous Fact—You have read and studied so much that you can essentially pull random bits of information out of your head, even things that your character wouldn’t (or couldn’t) otherwise have known. “I’ve never been to West Africa before, but I’m fairly certain that I remember reading a book that the native inhabitants of the Galagula River region have red tattoos on their skin as a mark of prowess in battle.” Cost: 2 Reason.

Secret of Photographic Memory—Your mind is like a camera when it comes to information. You can use this ability to instantly recall any piece of visual information (faces, books, maps, letters, pictures, etc.) that you have seen before, however briefly. Cost: 2 Reason per use.

Key of Knowledge—You are forever in pursuit of new information and knowledge, and risk all to achieve it. Gain 1xp every time you discover a minor new piece of information or trivia that is important to your character. Gain 2xp if discovering the knowledge involved some degree of risk to yourself. Gain 5xp if you risked death or severe humiliation to achieve the information. Buyoff: Deliberately pass up a chance to gain new knowledge.

Key of the Wise Guy—You are smarter than everyone else around you, and feel the need to continually show it. Gain 1xp every time you demonstrate your superior intellect. Gain 2xp if by doing so you humiliate or cut down another character, and/or risk harm to yourself in doing so. Gain 5xp if you show your superior intellect in any manner that involves severe danger or harm (physical or mental) to yourself.

Secret of the Black Bag—You always carry a little black bag wherever you go that inevitably seems to have just what you need for any medical emergency. Whenever you make a First Aid check, you may add one bonus die to your roll.

Secret of Skepticism—You are convinced that everything has a natural, logical explanation to it. When confronted with tests against any supernatural phenomena, add one bonus die to your Resist rolls. This includes tests against any psionic attacks or effects that allow opposed Resist rolls. Note that this secret entails that a Resist roll with this bonus must always be used against psionic or supernatural phenomena where it is allowed, even if the player wants his character to be effected. You must, in essence, overcome your own disbelief.

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