Staged Power System

(A Partial Powers Amber System)

Although gaining the potential to use a power is usually a matter of undergoing a task, such as walking the Pattern or Logrus, knowing how to use them can be an entirely different matter. The learning the finer nuances of manipulating a power is often a long and arduous process that one progresses through step by step.

Under the partial power system, each power is a gradual learning process where specific talents with their raw powers are honed. One each individual power's page, a tier of power progression is set out. Powers tabbed in further than those above it require that power to be able to learn it. Thus one must have Pattern imprint, before they can get Shadow walk, and Shadow walk before they get Hell ride. Powers tabbed to the same spacing can be learned independently from one another, as long as any other prerequisites are met. So someone can learn Shadow walk and Manipulate Probability independently from one another. Descriptions of each of the powers can be found through the links in the table above.

Descriptions of each of the powers can be found through the links below.

Traditional ('Canon') Powers

Pattern Trump Shapeshifting
Logrus Magick Trump Tricks
Shroudling Mirrors Items Allies/Shadows


Non-Canon Powers

Twilight The Fey The Broken Shell
Crossroad The Matrix Void Mastery
The Blood of the Beast on the Pole

The character sheet: the front, and the back with all the powers, or traditional powers.
(All sheets need .25 to .5 inch side margins, and the 'full' back sheet need .25 in margins all around.)