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Throne War is a playset for Fiasco.

This playset is an accessory for the Fiasco role-playing game by Bully Pulpit Games.

Fiasco is copyright 2009 by Jason Morningstar.

The Score

The Realm in Trouble

The Kingdom is in trouble. King Oberon is dead and the Royals are fighting for power, control, influence, and more.

You stand at the center of Shadow, where anything can happen, the least can become the greatest, the mightiest can crumble, and all might succumb to Chaos.

Movie Night

If only.


1 Family

  1. Parent and Child
  2. Parent and Bastard child
  3. Siblings
  4. Cousins
  5. Aunt/Uncle and child
  6. Distant Relatives

2 Rivalries

  1. Vying for Parent's attention
  2. Contenders for the same title
  3. Siblings forever fighting
  4. Father vs Son
  5. Dworkin's Students
  6. Top fighters in the realm

3 Noone of Consequence

  1. The servant to the house
  2. The squire and the knight
  3. The minstrel and the prince(ss)
  4. The apprentice and the master
  5. The plaything out of Shadow and the Royal
  6. The demon and the sorcerer

4 Romance

  1. Spouses in name only
  2. Lovers
  3. Secret lovers
  4. Unrequited Love
  5. Incestuous family members
  6. Married

5 Friendship

  1. Friends from different sides
  2. Hunting (drinking/fighting) Buddies
  3. Members of the City Watch/Royal Guard/Wardens of Arden/Royal Navy
  4. Manipulator and Victim
  5. Servant and Lord
  6. Guardian and Ward

6 The Past

  1. "We were like brothers."
  2. Once friends, now enemies.
  3. Trusted subjects.
  4. "I know a secret about you."
  5. Brothers in Arms
  6. Traveling companions


1 To Get Noticed

  1. taking the Pattern
  2. killing a Royal
  3. becoming a Royal
  4. performing in battle
  5. becoming Regent
  6. joining the right cause

2 To Find My Place/Destiny

  1. any means necessary
  2. joining the Arden Wardens/etc
  3. taking out the enemy
  4. killing my master
  5. escaping this prison
  6. ...while I have the chance

3 To Gain Power

  1. sacking Shadow
  2. gaining a title
  3. selling info
  4. ...through blackmail
  5. ...through bloodshed
  6. ...through fraud and trickery

4 To Get Even

  1. ...with the rest of the realm
  2. ...with the royal that killed my family
  3. ...with a rival
  4. ...with a family member
  5. ...with the king
  6. getting back what was taken

5 To Change the Realm

  1. taking out the Royal Family
  2. raising an army
  3. spreading the word of the Unicorn
  4. taking the throne
  5. sacrificing your family
  6. reclaiming what's rightfully yours

6 To Discover

  1. ...who is after you
  2. ...the truth behind the throne
  3. ...what is happening along the Black Road
  4. ...the truth of your heritage
  5. ...the dark truth about your Family's past
  6. ...what your true purpose is


1 In Amber

  1. The docks
  2. The Castle
  3. Bloody Mary's
  4. Arden
  5. Mt. Kolvir/The Tir
  6. Rebma

2 In Shadow

  1. In the Golden Circle
  2. Earth
  3. Avalon
  4. Where the Shadows go mad
  5. Texorami (or a Personal Shadow)
  6. Yggdrasil

3 Seats of Power

  1. Castle Throne Room
  2. Forest Arden
  3. The Royal Fleet
  4. Courts of Chaos
  5. Argent
  6. Avalon

4 War Fronts

  1. Vale of Garnath
  2. The Black Road
  3. The Seas
  4. The Forest
  5. Realms of Chaos
  6. The Golden Circle

5 Wondrous Horrors

  1. Edge of the Abyss
  2. Tir na Nog'th
  3. The Hall of Mirrors
  4. Lost in Shadow
  5. Dworkin's Workshop
  6. Atop the Black Road

6 Somewhere Dire

  1. In a dungeon cell
  2. In the midst of a Hellride
  3. The Pattern Chamber
  4. Tir na Nog'th
  5. In the enemy camp
  6. In the company of traitors


1 Disturbing

  1. The Jewel of Judgement
  2. An unopened letter, addressed to 'the new ruler of Amber' in Oberon's hand
  3. A vial of poison
  4. A Trump of someone you don't recognize
  5. (Surprise us)
  6. A book that can't be opened

2 Useful

  1. A legendary sword
  2. The badge of the Commander of Arden
  3. The badge of the Commander of the Navy
  4. A blood-written debt
  5. A complete (to the best of your knowledge) deck of Trumps
  6. The badge of the Commander of the Army

3 Dangerous

  1. The named sword of your Uncle
  2. Casks of Avalon gunpowder
  3. An unknown child of Oberon
  4. A blood curse
  5. The head of your Royal Uncle
  6. An intercepted messenger raven

4 Information

  1. On the new king's illegal ascendancy
  2. On the traitor within the Family
  3. Map of secret routes through Arden
  4. Prophecies from the Unicorn
  5. Dworkin's Sketchbook
  6. The old spymaster's payroll list

5 Sentimental

  1. A somewhat complete Trump deck
  2. Your mother's diary
  3. A well-trained steed
  4. A fine sloop that has sailed a thousand seas
  5. A banner in your Colors
  6. A lock of hair

6 Weapons

  1. A silver sword
  2. A silver tongue
  3. Sorcery
  4. Influence with the noble houses
  5. A crossbow
  6. A small fleet



For three players...

  • "I know a secret about you"
  • "We were like brothers."
  • Unrequited Love.

For four players, add...

  • Siblings forever fighting

For five players, add...

  • Hunting/Drinking/Fighting buddies


For three players...

  • To change the realm by taking the Throne

For four or five players, add...

  • To discover the dark truth of the Royal Family's past.


For three or four players...

  • In Forest Arden

For five players, add...

  • Somewhere dire in the Pattern Chamber


For any number of players...

  • A "complete" deck of Trump cards
  • A small fleet of ships
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