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Mortal Coil

Mortal Coil is a supernatural role-playing game that allows the players to create a world of fantasy, with magic powerful or subtle depending on the group's desires. You create characters to explore your world, their magic and passion shaping the stories which spring forth from your mind. You decide if you tell a tale of dark supernatural horror, of wise fools and giants, of the secret wars between sorcerous cabals, of inhuman politics among beings that can never die, or something else entirely.


Theme Documents and Actual Play Logs

This is an unofficial player-run site and holds no affiliation with Mortal Coil, Brennan Taylor, or Galileo Games.

Mortal Coil is copyright Brennan Taylor and Galileo Games. No challenge of that copyright is intended with these pages -- the content herein is designed simply to complement the original text by collecting some of the online information and clarification that Brennan and others have provided the gaming community into a concise format.

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