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Humanoid and Demonoid Characters

Not including borrowed characters like those from Alice in Wonderland.

ARKANS - a Kashfan noble, Duke of Shadburne, heir-apparent to the Kashfan throne.

ARTHUR - An illegal arms dealer in Brusseles, Shadow Earth.

BAILEY, MORIS - Doctor in an emergency room on Shadow Earth.

BANCES - Lord of Chaos, Duke of Amblerash. Regent of Chaos after the death of Swaywill. Bances is also The High Priest of the Serpent.

BAYLE - Baron of, the wine seller to the court of Amber.

BELISSA MINOBEE - Duchess of Hendrake, head of the house.

BENEDICT - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon, and Faiella. Lord-Protector of (an) Avalon during the Patternfall war. Lost his arm in an engagement with Lintra Hendrake. One of the eldest sons of Oberon. Tall, dour, thin, long strong jaw, hazel eyes, straight brown hair. Wears orange, yellow and brown in his Trump.

BILL ROTH - Attorney, advisor to the Court of Amber. Participated in the negotiations over the Peace Treaty. Personal friend of Prince Corwin.

BLEYS - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon and Clarissa. During the struggle for succession sided with Brand, later joined with Corwin, the regent of Amber. Flaming red hair, blue eyes, bearded, slight chin. Wears red and orange, mostly silk, lots of jewelry.

BOREL - Prince of Chaos, Duke of Hendrake and of Royal House of Swayville. Master of arms of the house of Hendrake. Borel was killed by Prince Corwin (some say dishonourably) during the Battle of the Courts of Chaos.

BORQUIST - Pit diver and poet in the Courts of Chaos.

BRAND - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon and Clarissa. In the search of personal power Brand may have betrayed Amber and damaged the Pattern. Brand possesed remarkable magical abilities but according to later researchers, he lost something of his humanity. (In the second series this was described as him undergoing the full ritual in the Keep of Four Worlds.) Green eyes, red hair, short beard, small. Wears green. Second series also indicated that he possessed Werewindle, the Day Sword. Brand was killed by Caine during the Battle of the Courts of Chaos.

CADE - Secretary of Begman embassy in Amber.

CAINE - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon, possibly son of Rilga or Faiella, depending on the truth of Corwin's remembrance. Caine's determination to find the root of the trouble and treachery proved in the end important to the result of the Patternfall war. Caine killed Prince Brand during the Battle of the Courts of Chaos. Caine was asassinated by Rinaldo (previous to Rinaldo's ascension of Kashfa). Described as "swarthy," and dark eyed. Wears black and green.

CHINAWAY - Lord of Chaos, house of Hendrake. Killed by the Ghost of Gerard. Huge chaos warrior said to have a collection of over two hundred skulls of those he's dispatched.

CLARISSA - Queen of Amber, wife of Oberon, mother of Princes Brand and Bleys and Princess Fiona. Oberon divorced Clarissa and her futher fate is not known. She was "from the South."

CORAL - Illegitimate daughter of Oberon and the wife of the Begman Prime Minister Kinta. Became the Queen of Kashfa. Dworkin has installed the Jewel of Judgment (some know it as the Left Eye of the Serpent) within her eye socket and apparently gave her some control over it. Coral is married to Rinaldo I, King of Kashfa.

CORWIN - Protagonist of the first five books. Prince of Amber, son of Oberon and Faiella. Regent of Amber after the death of Prince Eric. Under his rule Amber withstood the attacks of the Courts of Chaos in the course of the Patternfall War. According to some researchers, Corwin was Pattern's champion in the confrontation that was underlying the Patternfall war. The greatest achievement of Corwin may have been his creating a Pattern of his own (Corwin's Pattern), thus being able to exert his will even while imprisoned in the Courts of Chaos and enjoying a status similar to Dworkin. In the technical sense, Corwin was the King of Amber between Oberon and Eric. Green eyes, black hair. Weighs about 200 lbs. and looks to be 30ish. Wears black and silver. Wields Grayswandir, Night Blade?, thought to be the moon-sword of the Pattern. Symbol is a silver rose.

CYMNEA - Queen of Amber, Wife of Oberon, mother of Princes Osric, Finndo and Benedict. Oberon later annuled the marriage.

DALT - Illegitimate son of Oberon and Deela, named "The Desecratrix." Dalt's attempts to reach Amber's throne made him an outlaw in the Golden Circle. As a military advisor to Rinaldo, he succeeded in delivering the crown of Kashfa. Blond hair, large, muscular-frame. Wears black and green. Symbol is a heraldic lion rending a unicorn which he wears as a medallion around his neck. Originally from Eregnor.

DAN MARTINEZ - one of a ty'iga's bodies, which attempted to assassinate Prince Rinaldo.

DARA - Princess of Chaos, Duchess of Sawall. Perhaps the creator of the plan that led to Brand's treachery, and, as a result, to the Patternfall war. Dara is known for remarkable magical abilities and special relations with the Logrus. Dara's ultimate goal appeared to be the destruction or rule of Amber, but she was convinced to switch sides, perhaps multiple times. Had a child with Corwin, deliberately. Originally she was seen as tall and thin with short brown hair and freckles, dark eyes. Her father was said to be of house Helgram, her mother of house Hendrake.

DAVE - Hermit, who lives in a cave near the Keep of Four Worlds.

DEELA -, the Desecratix. Mother of Dalt. Supposedly raped by Oberon after he imprisoned her, she became notorious after burning the Unicorn Shrine at Begma. Deela was killed while leading her troops in battle against Amber.

DEIRDRE - Princess of Amber, daughter of Oberon and Faiella, beloved sister of Corwin. Long black hair and blue eyes. Fought with a battle-axe at the Patternfall War. Deirdre was killed by Prince Brand in the battle of Courts of Chaos.

DELWIN - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. Being one of the youngest princes, Delwin left Amber after the death of his mother and never returned.

DERTHA GANNEL - assistant to the Begman ambassador to Amber.

DESPIL - Lord of Chaos, son of Duke Sawall and Dara.

DOYLE - Jeweler in Avalon.

DROPPA MA PANTZ - Jester in the Court of Amber.


DWORKIN - "Master of the Line," Lord of Chaos, creator of the Pattern of Amber. Dworkin is closely linked to the Pattern, so the manipulations of one are impossible without damage to both. Dworkin is the creator of the art of Pattern-style magic and the Amber pack of Trumps. Small, 5' tall gnarled old hunchback, shapeshifter.

DYBELE - mother of Princess Flora.

ED WELLEN - a contractor on the Shadow Earth.

ERIC - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. Self-proclaimed King of Amber, Eric was never recognized formally as legitimate. Eric was forced to assume the throne under the threat of Prince Brand and his supporters. Eric took an active part in the early stages of the Patternfall war as the commander-in- chief of the Amber Troops. He was killed in the battle of Kolvir. Blue/black hair, beard, considered handsome. Wears red and black.

FAIELLA - Queen of Amber, wife of Oberon, mother of princes Eric, Corwin, Caine and princess Dierdre. Died in childbirth with Dierdre. Note that in the Nine Princes Corwin thinks of Random as his full brother. However, he is mistaken and clarifies it in the Sign of Unicorn.

FERLA QUIST - Begman ambassador to Amber.

FINNDO - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. Finndo died in service of Amber after the death of Osric.

FIONA - Princess of Amber, daughter of Oberon and Clarissa. Full sister of Prince Brand, she possesed remarkable magical abilities. Originally supporting Prince Brand in his claims to the Amber throne, Fiona later turned against him and his alliance with Chaos. Red hair, green eyes, pale complexion like mother of pearl, 5' 2" tall.

FLORA - Princess of Amber, daughter of Oberon (and possibly Dybele). Florimel was known for her looks, with golden hair, blue eyes, and a movie star image. Has several Irish Wolfhounds named Donder, Blitzen, etc. Drinks Irish Mist. Used a bow at the Patternfall war. Able to turn on the tears, but carries a grenade in her purse.

FOCAULT, MICHEL - Procureur general to the parliament in France on the Shadow Earth in XVIII century, acqaintance of Prince Corwin and Princess Flora.

GAIL LAMPRON - a body of ty'iga in which she was the girlfriend of Prince Rinaldo on Shadow Earth.

GANELON - General of Corwin in the time he was the King of Avalon. G. was charged with treachery and exiled to Loreine. Oberon has used G.'s form to examing Corwin before naming him the heir to the Amber throne.

GANNEL, DRETHA - Assistant to Begma's ambassador to Amber.

GEORGE HANSEN - 1. One of ty'iga bodies. 2. Corwin's neighbour on the Shadow Earth, who helped him with the yard work.

GERARD - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. Commander of the Amber Navy, Protector of the Seas of the Golden Circle. Gerard was known for his loyalty to Amber, rather than to the king. Famous quote, "I am not a clever man." Green or blue eyes, black hair, big, fringe beard and light moustache, but said to look a lot like Corwin but bigger and with a heavier jaw.

GHOSTWEEL - See entry in the Objects and Manifestations.

GILVA - Lady of Chaos, house of Hendrake.

GOATMAN - True name unknown. Chaos commander in Lorraine. G. was killed by Prince Corwin inside the Circle of Lorraine.

GRAMBLE SAWALL - Duke of Chaos, head of the dukedom of Sawall, one of the Rim Lords.

GRIDE - Duccess of Sawall, first wife of Duke Gramble, mother of Prince Mandor.

GRYLL - Demon servant of Prince Suhuy.

HARLA - Queen of Amber, wife of Oberon, possibly mother of Prince Delwin and Princess Sand.

HENDON - Stuard of Amber Castle.


JAMIE - Guard in the castle of Amber.

JASRA - The Queen of Kashfa. J. was born in shadow near the Courts of Chaos. She was a servant, later a maid companion to Lady Dara. After the death of her husband Prince Brand, J. moved to Kashfa, where she established herself as the Queen. Later she moved to the Keep of Four Worlds and lost the throne of Kashfa. Sorceress of the Way of the Broken Pattern.

JASRICK - Kashfan noble, Earl of Kronklet.

JASTON - Kashfan General and later King. J. was apparently assassinated.

JOHN - also Old John. Emissary of King Random.

JOPIN - Keeper of the lighthouse of Cabra.

JULIA - Earth-born sorceress, student of Jasra. After her rebellion against her teacher J. under the name of Mask ruled the Keep of Four Worlds. Later a fiance (unconfirmed) of Prince Jurt.

JULIAN - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon, commander of Amber forces in the Arden forest. Long dark hair, blue eyes, dour expression. Wears scaled white enamel scale armor. Created Morgenstern, believes himself the one who tells the truth in Amber.

JURT - Lord, later Prince, of Chaos, son of Lady Dara and Duke Sawall. Under the directions of Julia J. acquired certain special powers.

KASMAN - a Kashfan noble, who has captured the throne from Queen Jasra in a coup d'etat.

KERGMA - a shapeshifter from the Courts of Chaos.

KINTA - mother of Coral, wife of Orcuz.

LANCELOT - also known as Lance, a knight in Lorraine.

LARSUS MINOBEE - Duke of Hendrake, General. L. was killed by Prince Julian During the Battle of the Courts of Chaos.

LINTRA - Lady of Chaos, commander of Chaos forces in Avalon during the Patternfall war. Supposed to belong to the House of Helgram.

LLEWELLA - Princess of Amber, daughter of Oberon and Moins, recognized for the Throne of Amber. Jade eyes with green hair/skin, she is unfortunately described as "sad and moist," by Corwin.

LORA - Possibly mother to Sand and Delwin. Zelazny is unclear on this.

LORRAINE - A woman in Shadow Lorraine.

LUKE - 1). see RINALDO. 2). Ghost of Prince Rinaldo, supported by Corwin's Pattern.

MANDOR- Prince of Chaos, later also Duke of Sawall and Rim Lord. Powerful sorcerer and a fine scholar, Mandor possessed a desire for personal power. Prefering to remain behind the scenes, he abdicated his own rights to the Crown of Chaos. Has white hair and distinguishing characteristics. Considered a master chef and sadist.

MARTIN - Crown Prince of Amber, son of Random and Morganthe of Rebma. Injured by Brand on the Pattern during his first real contact with the family.


MEG DELVIN - One of the ty'iga's bodies.

MELKIN - Officer at the keep of Ganelon, shadow Lorraine.

MENILLAN - King of Kashfa, consort of Jasra. Died from debilitating sickness leaving Jasra the Queen of Kashfa.

MERLIN - Prince (later King) of Chaos, Duke of Western Marches, Earl of Kolvir, son of Prince Corwin of Amber and Lady Dara, stepson of Duke Grimble Sawall of the House of Sawall of the Courts of Chaos. Double heritage of Merlin made him an important parameter in the balance of forces between the Pattern and the Logrus. Merlin is an initiate of both Logrus and Pattern. Black hair, may have blue eyes, muscular. Shapeshifter and Trump Artist, as well.

MIRELLE - Princess of Amber, thought to be Random's sister, apparently deceased.

MOINS - Mother of Princess Llewella, previous Queen of Rebma.

MOIRE - Queen of Rebma.

MORGANTHE - Princess of Rebma, daughter of Queen Moire. M. is the mother of Crown Prince Martin of Amber. M. committed suicide after breakup with then Prince Random.

NAYDA - Daughter of Orguz and his secretary. The body of N. after the death of her personality was inhabited by a ty'iga who found herself captured. The references to N. usually are the ones to the ty'iga sent by Lady Dara to protect her son, Prince Merlin.

OBERON - King of Amber, son of Dworkin. There is little information about his powers, but apparently Oberon was a potent sorcerer and shapeshifter, and one of the Lords of the Void. Oberon was considered killed through the repair of the Primal Pattern.

OLD JOHN - see John.

ORGUZ - Prime minister of Begma.

OSRIC - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. He killed three of the House of Karm in a vendetta, creating the vendetta laws of Amber. He was acquitted by his father Oberon at a hearing but was subsequently sent to the front lines in a "nasty" war and killed, letting go his blood curse.

PAULETTE - mother of King Random of Amber (and possibly of Princess Mirelle.)

RANDOM - Prince, later King of Amber, son of Oberon and Paulette. Random was chosen to the throne by the Unicorn on the field of the battle of the Courts of Chaos. Measured approx. 5'6", 135 lbs., with straw-colored hair, sharp nose, small, laughing mouth. Considered a bit of a jerk, doesn't cheat at cards, and plays the drums. Married to Vialle of Rebma.

REIN - Lord R., Noble at the court of Amber, friend of Prince Corwin.

RHANDA - Childhood friend of Prince Merlin.

RICK KINSKY - a bookstore manager on the Sahdow Earth, one of Julia boyfriends.

RILGA - Queen of Amber, wife of Oberon, mother of princes Gerard and Julian.

RINALDO - Prince, later King of Kashfa, Lord of Amber, son of Prince Brand and Jasra. Assassin of Prince Caine.

ROGER - A guard in the dungeons of Amber Castle, also a writer.

ROLOVIANS - Prince of Chaos, Duke of Jesby.

SAND - Princess of Amber, daughter of Oberon. S. vanished without a trace few centuries before the Patternfall war.

SCROF - Dweller on the Threshold, left by Jasra to guard the shadowway between Eath and the Keep of Four Worlds. S. was killed by Prince Merlin. S. was apparently created from primal Chaos.

SHARU GARRUL - Shadow sorcerer of unknown origin. First known posessor of the Keep of Four Worlds.

STRYGALLDWIR - Demon in service of the Chaos commander in Lorraine. S. was killed by Prince Corwin.

SUHUY - Prince of Chaos, house of Sawall, the Keeper of the Logrus. Suhuy is the Master of Arts of Chaos, house of Helgram.

SWAYVILL - The King of Chaos in the time of the Patternfall war.

TECYS - a family, acquaintances of Prince Benedict.

THOBEN - Captain of Amber Navy.

TMER - Prince of Chaos, son of Prince Rolovians of house of Jesby.

TUBBLE - Prince of Chaos, house of Chanicut.

TY'IGA - 1. A type of bodyless demons. T. are capable of taking possesion of other bodies. When T. leaves the orginal occupant just sufferes an amnesia. 2. The T. - See Naida.

UTHER - a king in the Shadow Lorraine.

VIALLE - Queen of Amber, the wife of Random. Although blind, Vialle had a strong political influence.

VICTOR MELMAN - Earth-born sorcerer, student of Jasra and Prince Rinaldo. Killed in an attempt to assassinate Prince Merlin.

VINTA BAYLE - Daughter of Baron Bayle and mistress of Prince Caine.

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