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So what's Galactic?
At its heart, the game is about human beings in crisis situations. It's also about making uncomfortable choices. You know how in Trollbabe you have to risk the well being of a relationship in order to try again in a conflict? It's like that, kind of, except that down the road is the welfare of the whole human race.

Use this space to collect and collate playtest results, errata, rulings, and notes on Galactic! gleaned from Forge discussions, playtests, and elsewhere. Where possible, I have provided citation links to the source discussion on the Forge that provided these answers (like so: [1]), in case you would like to read the discussions personally.

Old Rules Clarifications (from previous playtest versions)

Rules Summaries

New Rules and Clarifications

Character Sheets

Playtests (in order of occurance)

  1. Durham Playtest
  2. Denver Playtest
  3. Madison Playtest
  4. Skype Playtest
  5. Toronto Ashcan Playtest
  6. Play By Post Ashcan Playtest
  7. Denver Playtest Two

The "Gen Con Ashcan" version of the game is available for 10 bucks from

This is an unofficial player-run site and holds no affiliation with Galactic, Matt Wilson, or Dog Eared Designs.

No challenge of copyright is intended with these pages -- the content herein is designed simply to collect (into a hopefully concise format) some of the online information and clarification provided to the gaming community.

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