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Locations and Shadows

Shadow Earth locations are not included.

AMBER - The first shadow of the primal plane of Order, the city of A. is the archtype of all cities. The Palace of A. is the seat of the King of A., the ruler of Order.

ARBOR HOUSE - Country esate of baron Bayle near Amber.

ARDEN FOREST - Archtype of a forest, great forest near Amber.

AVALON - Shadow where Prince Corwin once ruled. A. was destroyed in some way, but a Shadow of it came to b e ruled by Prince Benedict. This new Shadow became new Avalon.

AVERNUS - Shadow where Princes Bleys and Corwin recruited troops to aid in their attack of Amber.

BAYLESPORT - Town and port near Amber.

BEGMA - Major Kingdom in the Golden Circle.

CABRA - Island and lighthouse near Amber.

COURTS OF CHAOS - cumulative term for the collection of shadows near (and including) the primary shadow of Chaos. Also C. is the seat of the King of Chaos.

DEIGA - a Golden Circle kingdom.

EARTH - or Shadow Earth, a major shadow (strengthened by Prince Corwin and Princess Flora).

EREGNOR - a Ducy near Kashfa.

FIRE GATE - a Shadow on a path near the Courts of Chaos.

GARNATH VALLEY - A valley south of Amber. During the Patternfall war the Great Black Road ended in G.V. G.V. was the site of the Battle of Kolvir.

GOLDEN CIRCLE - A group of shadows that have a trade and military defence pacts with Amber. In exchange for defence and trade priveleges, Amber has the right to send troops and navies through the territories of the G.C. shadows.

GROVE OF THE UNICORN - Grove in the Arden Forest. G. of the U. is the place where the primary plane of order can be accessed from Amber.

HEERAT - a trade center, somewhere in the Shadows.

ISLES OF THE SUN - a group of islands in the Shadow of Amber, south of the continent bearing the city.

JIDRASH - the capital of Kashfa.

KOLVIR - Mountain, foundation of Amber.

LORRAINE - Originally a shadow of Avalon, L. was strengthened by King Oberon and became an independent shadow.

REBMA - One of the primary shadows,the underwater reflection of Amber. R. allows both water and air breathing creatures to exist in the same environment.

RI'IK - A Shadow, where Prince Corwin was recruting his army for attacks on Amber. Inhabited by short hairy man-like beings.

TEXORAMI - Shadow, once favored by prince Random.

TIR-NA NOG'TH - the city of shadows, T. is a very special shadow of Amber that contains an exact copy of the Pattern. T. appears on moonlit nights above Kolvir. T. is connected to Amber by the moonlight stairwell. T. is known to interact with the visitor on some level, displaying his hidden fears and fantasies.

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