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There are many theories regarding the origins of fallen angels. Some say that the angels who were cast out of heaven were doomed to this fate because they fell prey to one or more of the seven deadly human sins. Others say that the angels were forced to spend their days wandering the earth because they refused to fight in one or more epic battles waged between the forces of good and evil. And still others say they were cast aside because they disagreed with or failed to understand the will of God.

There are just as many theories, if not more, as to what happened to the angels once they were cast out from heaven. Many believe they took human form and, like in the movie Dogma, simply walk among us. Others say they are incorporeal and are doomed to watch our daily activities without being able to interact with anyone or anything. And others say they were transformed into… something else.

Of course, all of these theories are based on the traditional Christian view of God, Heaven, and angels. If you move beyond that to some less stringent definitions of who/what these are, then in terms of the number of possibilities, the sky’s the limit.

James “Little Jim” Montrose screamed to his driver to stop the truck. Something tickled the back of his brain; a sensation he hadn’t felt in a long while. He needed to get back to the Midway as fast as possible. He couldn’t let anyone hurt his babies. DragonsLair

Russell “Fat Mac” Mc Intyre feels it, too. The tree, the cleaver, and Frank are all gone for the moment, but soon time will loop back on him again, and it will start all over. And Mac can’t let that happen. McIntyre

He calls to his brethren hiding amongst the steel trees in the parking lot; the ones that hold up the tiny suns that illuminate the plain of pavement. It’s time to summon they that love him not. GoinToSmoke

Leilani rubbed her back against the corner of the wall. The itching between her shoulder blades was getting worse. It was as though something were trying to burst free. She knew that something huge was about to happen, and that she had a part to play. But what that part was – well, that was another story. Heroine

Rijn did not think he had ever flown as swiftly as he now was; not even during the races on Harvest Eve. Never before had his life actually depended on his speed. The party flew on until finally the trees and brush gave way to the cold, hard rock ground of the Land of Many Suns. Rijn glanced back briefly to see Anjok, his friend, lagging at the back of the group, with a Dragon immediately behind him.

And even amidst the terror he felt for his friend, Rijn couldn’t help but feel he had been through all of this before. TheScrublandBeyond

Specs pulls his Coke-bottle glasses out from the middle of the crosswords book as one of the gizmos in his bag begins to chirp wildly. He flips the sensor to mute; looking around sheepishly at the other patrons in the diner as though embarrassed by an overly loud cell phone ringer.

“Roman, something big’s coming.”

Roman snorts as he watches the overweight cook pacing in front of the window overlooking the parking lot. “Don’t need no damn contraption to tell me that, my friend. Let’s get moving.” CrossWords

Hal could see the first of the Chaparro-Folken (as they called themselves) appearing from the brush and trees, with the bats close behind. It was the same drama that played out every night at the Midway. But tonight it was all going to change. The time had come to release those that had been imprisoned.

All those that had been imprisoned. Halogen

The old man who was and was not Jenkins paused where Victor Morris had been. He could see the Folken and the bats, as well. And also the shimmering blue form of the Djinn as he emerged from his “lamp.”

“Ah, so here comes the cavalry, eh?” He chortled to himself at the sight. “They’re gonna have to do better than that.” SpectatorSport

Elijah saw cleaver coming directly for his head, but then it was gone, and with it the witch-doctor who called himself Frank. He was once again sitting in the booth with Elder Thomas, and Thomas was staring at him with those desperate eyes. TheNightofSalvation

Outside, Elijah could see He Who Is standing and watching something off in the distance, but he couldn’t make out what it was. It didn’t matter anyway, really. He’s made it to the Gateway, and alive or not, he would pass through. Elijah

Syliva Navarro looked at Annalise with a knowing glance. “No more time for pretenses, girl. Get the hand. It’s time to release them. Fat Mac’s waiting.”

Annalise nodded, then silently walked to the freezer. She emerged moments later with the hand, still wrapped and labeled.

“Go on, girl. You know what to do.” Sylvia did not move.

Annalise moved out into the dining room where Fat Mac was waiting. He did not turn to her as he reached behind his back for the package. ItsServedMeWell

Sacrifices come in many forms, and serve many purposes. Some require killing, and some require presenting part of someone already deceased. Some are focused on blood or bones or fluids, and some are focused on the gesture itself.

Some serve to appease a maddened deity, and some serve to return his former servants to their true form.

Word Count: 935

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