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ktbuffy said:

 Did we decide on a setting?  I know we had some great suggestions.
 I kinda liked the truck stop/gas station/diner/souvenir shop thought.
 (That was one of them, right?)

Meera said:

 April has a good energy to it for me.  I also liked the truck stop idea.

De said:

 Does that mean we're doing it in Texas?

Doyce said:

 I think we should have it just down the road (pick a road) from Midway 
 (211,250 in the US -- 24 in Texas), and "just a ways" from Fairview 
 (201,256 in the US).  I'm also in favor of it being near Five Points 
 (though there's a mere 147,163 of those), just because of the name. 

 To put it another way, I like the idea that, like Land's End, 
 it's in a lot of different places, depending on where it needs to be...
"Why'd they call it 'The Midway'?" he asked. "Fairview's the closest town."
"Oh," she smiled, but didn't stop reorganizing the wireframe paperback rack. "It's not named for the town."
 ... just a thought.

Ted said:

 I like that idea a lot.  A crossroads of whatever kind it needs to be. 

... and that's how it started.

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