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Player: Tim White

Strong History


  • Acuity 5D6
  • Body 3D6
  • Heart 3D6
  • Will 3D6


  • I lived at the Library: 2d10
  • Mr. Haskins took me shooting: 2d6
  • Steward Goddard told me to be a Dog: 2d8
  • I want to help people: 2d8
  • I've never left Bridal Falls City: 1d6
  • The library was haunted: 1d10
  • I'm a survivor: 1d6

Relationships (3d6 unused)

  • Mrs. Lowe, the Librarian. 2d8
  • Mr. Haskins made me a man. 1d4
  • Books lie, the King of Life doesn't. 1d6


  • My Coat: 2D6
Made by Miss Mary Miller and her family, in Rushing River Branch. Many scenes of nature and the book on it.
  • My Book, with many cross-indices: 2d6
  • My pistol, handmade by Mr. Haskins: 1d8+1d4
  • My rifle, bought at the store: 1d4+1d4
  • A jar of consecrated Earth, from the library: 1d8
  • A Tree of Life brand: 1d6


  • Experience (during intiation): It's apparently "I'm a survivor.", but I can't remember WHY. 1d6

Character Sheets

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