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Player: Chris Weeda

Strong History


  • Acuity 2D6
  • Body 4D6
  • Heart 4D6
  • Will 3D6


  • People are no different than animals: 1d6
  • I have a way with animals: 2d10
  • Decent shot with a rifle: 1d10
  • Spent too much time in the wilderness: 3d8
  • I'm a servant of the King: 1d8
  • Sewing is something I like: 2d6
  • Women like me: 1d6

Relationships (1d4, 2d6, 2d8 unused)

  • Lord. My horse.: 1d8
  • My father, who wished I'd stay in the family business. 1d6


  • Lord, my horse. 2d8
  • The rifle my brother gave me: 2d6+1d4
  • A pistol from the Compound: 1d6+1d4
  • A skinning knife: 1d6
  • A sewing kit: 1d4
  • My Coat: "Horses coat": 2D6
  • My Book of Life: 1d6


  • Experience (during intiation): It's either "Women like me." or "People are no different than animals." 1d6

Character Sheets

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