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((Player: Dave Hill))

Complicated History (one of the Mountain People)


  • Acuity 7D6
  • Body 2D6
  • Heart 2D6
  • Will 4D6


  • Guns are a powerful magic I know. 1d10
  • Dad made sure I was well-read in the Book of Life. 1d10
  • I learned to be clever with words. 2d6
  • I was of the Mountain People. 2d4
  • I am now of the Dogs. 2d4
  • Natural-born leader. 1d6 (initiation)

Relationships (5d6, 2d8 unused)

  • August Wiley. My very important father. A Hero. A Steward. (Guilty. Driven to make it a spiritually good thing.) 1d8
  • Virgil Wiley. My insufferably oh-so-perfect brother. Fair-haired boy, bully, and loved by all. 2d4


  • Horse - normal, gray-dappled. 1d6
  • My Coat: 2D6 - done up in faux-MP patterns in tan & green, with the Tree of Life & a buffalo head prominent.
  • My Book of Life: 2d6 - well-thumbed, worn, but well-made.
  • Consecrated Earth 1d6
  • Excellent Gun: 2d8+1d4 - an excellent, big pistol, its steel decorated in the motifs of the Mountain People
  • Large knife: 1d8 - made by and decorated in the style of the Mountain People
  • Bag of Herb: 1d6 (medicines, etc)
  • Gun repair and cleaning kit: 2d6
  • Gun - (might be) Derringer?: 2d6-1d4

A note at the bottom: "I want to prove to Father I'm as good as Virgil."


  • Experience (during intiation): I'm a natural-born leader. 1d6

Character Sheets

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