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So, what do you "do" with someone whose character has a (perhaps completely realistic, in character, and believable) LAUNDRY list of belongings: pistols, bowie knives, pig stickers, exorcism gear, et cetera. They introduce two, maybe three or four of the same kind of item (pistols, say) in a given conflict... how do you do the dice?

The short answer: They're seperate things; the character gets full dice for each gun/knife/book/thing/horse/whatever they introduce to a scene.

The longer answer: The short answer is right. It's totally legit. Yes, the character will get a metric buttload of dice. Yes, it'll take a mob armed to the upper teeth of NP Cs to even make him nervous. And remember that he gets to decide what belongings he cares about, and he almost certainly cares about all of them, so he can go ahead and stat the lot of 'em.

But that's all just fine. Every die in a gun is a die that wants you to shoot someone. When you put all those dice on your character sheet - they're yours, all you have to do is point a gun at someone - you set yourself up for hard decisions about life and death.

Belongings tend to contribute their dice high up in the escalation process. A die in a gun is pressure to escalate. A die in a knife is too. A die in a horse is, even. Since I (the GM) want you to be under pressure to escalate, the more dice in Belongings, the better.

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