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Summary on what you can do with Fortune:

  • 1 Fortune to add another Archetype to a subsequent roll (On sheet; in conflict; not in main Fortune chart, but it should be)
  • 6 Fortune to improve an Archetype by 1d6 (max 6d6) (On sheet in; in main Fortune chart)
  • 5 Fortune to remove stress from a Connection/Buy a new Connection (On sheet; in chart; maybe (?) in Connection writeup)
  • 5 Fortune to add a new Edge (On sheet; in chart)
  • 5 Fortune to add an additional use of an Edge (In chart; not on sheet)
  • 3 Fortune to renew a use of an Edge, mid-game (On sheet; not in chart)


  • 5 Fortune remove one Trauma from a crew member (On sheet; in Crew section)
  • 3 Fortune remove one Trauma from a crew member (In main chart)
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