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  • Doyce, Max, Chris, Darcy, Danny K (GM)


  • Captain Finnras, played by Doyce
    • Ship Binturong, a Scout
    • Crewmember Deirdre Thea Sebastiana Omicron, Neo Gen navigator, played by Max
    • Crewmember "honorary uncle", played by Chris
    • Crewmember "recon/tracker", played by Darcy
  • Commander Gamain, played by Max
    • Ship Pallada, an experimental Cruiser
    • Crewmember "enthusiastic tech", played by Doyce
    • Crewmember "fighter ace", played by Chris
    • Crewmember "mess chief", played by Darcy
  • Captain Fortessa, played by Chris
    • Ship Iron Watchman, a Privateer
    • Crewmember Salty the alien mechanic, played by Max
    • Crewmember "Navigator with a crush", played by Doyce
    • Crewmember NAMEHERE, played by Darcy
  • Captain Rankin?, played by Darcy
    • Ship Thalia, a Cargo Hauler
    • Crewmember "Crowbar" Jones, First Mate, played by Max
    • Crewmember , "Rank's mechanic brother", played by Doyce
    • Crewmember "excon engineer", played by Chris
  • Blank Character Sheet

Planets & Places

  • The Drift -- a huge space station constructed of the hulks of abandoned star ships, drifting in the void between habitable systems, somewhere in the Remnants. (Book, and Doyce)
  • Great Egg (Danny)
  • Over Pass (Max)
  • Vermillion Villa (Chris)


  • Children Crusade (Max)
  • Clan Hwalhar (Danny)
  • Con Sec (inferred)
  • The White Hand - a "mercenary salvage" outfit (professional looters and "independent privateers"). Useful if you have something they want that they can't just take from you -- damned dangerous if you're not thus insured. (Doyce)
  • Veterans of Con Sec Duty (VSD) - A Veteran's organization devoted to staying ever vigilant. Famous of gango (a futuristic form of bingo), blue hats, and yearly scholarship awards for patriotic students ready to go to university. Has a network of informants and those friendly to the VSD on many planets. (Chris)

Scourge Elements

  • Some aliens use "Scourge" and "Human" interchangably (doyce)
  • Scourge spread faster than FTL drive would allow (max)
  • Has a Battle ROM with alien looking ships (Chris)
  • (darcy)
  • (dannyk)

Session Logs

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