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This is the place where we will save all the info on the Toronto Ashcan Playtest, hopefully the first of many.

Players: Mikael, Steve, Piers

GM: Hans


Current Hazard: 24


  • Bob349, 1


Captain: Tornord Nar

Player: Mikael

Ship Name: Mentality

Archetypes: Astronaut 3, Explorer 3, Warrior 4

Edges: Passion: Way of the Warrior x2, Talent: Incredible Reflexes x2, Ship: Automatic Defense Ion Turrents x1, Gear: Communication Equipment x1, Gear: Blades of Hyzer x1

Connections: High Priestess Ashkela of Charybdis (12 Strain), Nandari Nar (0 Strain)

Fortune: 3

Benefits: The Voice (ancient artifact), Secret Rathmere Armada


  • Tossk (played by Piers), 5 Trust
  • Olga Nar (played by Steve), 5 Trust

Crew Played:

  • Bob349 (for Steve's Captain Vulkraffa), Job: Search and Retrieval Robot, Relationship: Professional Rivalry, Trauma 2
  • Elliot (for Piers' Captain Commander Enas Zentas, Job: Combat Engineer, Relationship: Strictly Professional, Trauma 3

First Quest Log (Completed)

  • Objective: Recover the mysterious artifact from High Priestess of Isabel's Tears
  • Benefit: the artifact
  • World: Isabel's Tears
  • Faction: Searing Blades
  • Character: Senator from the Concordance Assembly
  • Cliffhanger: Tornord Nar has just had his request rejected, and been ordered off Isabel's Tears by the High Priestess.
  • Events:
    • Torrential Rain Trial, Win
    • Deposing Istarta, Win
    • Recovered the Voice, Win

Second Quest Log

  • Objective: Set up an alliance w/ Salamanca territory through high ranking representative
  • Benefit: Solid alliance w/Salamanca
  • World: Charybdis
  • Faction: Concordance Interstellar Marines
  • Character: A Singer of Resonation
  • Cliffhanger: Just gotten back with the Voice from Isabel's Tears, and meets his future bride for the first time (through arranged marriage) and has no idea this is really his betrothed.
  • Events:
    • Depose Ashkela, Win
    • Rescue the Huronis, Win
    • The Wedding, Lose
    • Alliance & Reconciliation, Win

Third Quest Log

  • Objective: Conquer Oentha
  • World: Oentha
  • Faction: Broken Hand Alliance
  • Character: Gutherie Grimglas, Bur Xen? Constable
  • Cliffhanger: Diplomatic meeting between Grand Oompa Bertrand Flynt and Tornord to avoid unecessary bloodshed.

Captain: Vulkraffa

Player: Steve

Ship: The Black Hole

Archetypes: Professor 3 (0), Tinker 2, Scoundrel 6 (0)

Edges: Passion: Trouble Magnet x2 (0 used), Talent: Xeno-Technologist x1 (0 used),

Ship: Multi-Phase Bussard Ramjets x1 (0 used), Gear: Cannibalize Parts x2 (0 used),

Talent: Master Manipulator of Intergalactic Law x1 (0 used), Crew: Bloody Outlaws x1 (0 used)

Connections: Eddie the Mole, a fence (13 Strain)

Fortune: 6


  • Massive amounts of cold, hard CA$H ( d12 )
  • "Mother of HEAVEN" Alien peacekeeper. (looks like a Pearl) ( d12 )


  • "Elana Torven" (played by Piers), [ 0 Trust (0 Trauma) ]
  • "Bob349" (played by Mikael), [ 2 Trust (2 Trauma) ]
  • DEAD! "Cookie" (played by Piers), [ 1 Trust (3 Trauma) ] R.I.P

Crew Played:

  • "Olga Nar" (for Mikael's Captain Tornor Nar), Job: Blessed Matron Of Obedience., Relationship: Sister/Family, [ 3 Trust (Trauma 3) ]
  • "Tithp" (for Piers, Capt. Commander Enas Zentas), Job: Sentient Ship, Relationship: Unrequited Love'', [ 1 Trust (Trauma 0) ]
  • DEAD! "Sgt. Brutus Havelock" ( Piers, Cmdr. Enas Zentas), Job: Sgt. Of Arms., Relationship: Professional Rival, [ 2 Trust (Trauma 5) ] R.I.P

First Quest Log

  • Objective: Sell weird Scourge related multi-dimensional object
  • Benefit: Vast sums of money
  • World: Sargasso Nebula
  • Faction: Broken Hand Alliance
  • Character: a Clan "Sun Rising Gloriously" pleasure gecko
  • Cliffhanger: Captain Vulkraffa has just asked the wrong people how to find the Sargasso Nebula.
  • Events
    • Clan Hebd-Attir (space-monkey!) bar fight in glass dome. (WIN)
    • Rendezvous with Alien Cephalopoda (Octopodel) Sentient ship (WIN)
    • Space turtles take us to meeting with buyer in Sphere. (LOSE)
    • Hanging in the meat locker of the pleasure geckos.
      • Ambush the pleasure geckos through their food (WIN)

Second Quest Log

  • Objective: Hide all the cash he got from the first quest
  • Benefit: Bribe, beg, borrow or steal the Mother of Heaven, an alien "peacemaker"
  • World: Bane
  • Faction: Broken Hand Alliance
  • Character: Captain Elana Torven
  • Cliffhanger: Being arrested by Bur Xen? for the capital offense of bringing alien tech to Gem.
  • Events
    • On the Moon Gem , almost being arrested when Bob349 threatens the moon's pristine status.
      • Valkraffa makes a deal to stop Bob for rights to use the vaults of the Moon Arioch. (WIN)
    • On the Moon Arioch , Elana Torven(Disgraced/Demoted & Banished to Bane?) is the commander of Arioch's prime base.
      • Valkraffa gets the location of the "Mother of Heaven" an alien Pearl like object.
      • Bob lures the Broken Hand Alliance Fleet into the mega gravitational pull of a micro quantum singularity on the Gas Giant Bane.
      • The pristine Moon Gem gets partially Slagged(Nuked) as the BHA Fleet missiles' go amuk. (WIN)
    • In Underspace , Cmdr.Felix trys to killed Capt. Vulkraffa with poison wine.
      • Valkraffa glasteel stomach save him from the poison, he gracefully dodges Cmdr. Felix's needlegun shots.
      • "Cookie" dies from poison/needles & hard living! Bob349 twists off the Lt's head and crushes the Cmdr. (WIN)
      • ( "Cmdr. Felix & Lt." were Scourge, ghostly underspace entities that possess dead human bodys. "Cookie's" corpse gets possessed! )

Third Quest Log

  • Objective: Kidnap and hold "Marquis Huroni" for ransom
  • World: Rathmere
  • Faction: Clan Skarivati (super fish)
  • Character: "Irin Huroni"
  • Cliffhanger: "Capt. Vulkraffa has just kidnapped the wrong person!"

Captain: Commander Enas Zentas

Player: Piers

Ship Name: C.S.S. Relentless

Archetypes: Diplomat 3, Professor 2, Warrior 6

Edges: Passion: Loyal x1, Talent: Military Tactics x1, Ship: Battle Cruiser x2, Gear: Military Access Codes x1, Gear: Leader of Men x1, Gear: Crack Troops x1

Connections: Captain Elana Torven, a Con Int Nav? captain (14 Strain); Science Director Hespid Moragh, a Bur Xen? captain (3 Strain)

Fortune: 6

Benefits: The weapons from the armory of Alpha Phi 731; Tithp


  • Lt. Elliot (played by Mikael), 4 Trust
  • Sgt. Brutus Havelock (played by Steve), Deceased
  • Tithp (played by Steve), 1 Trust

Crew Played:

  • Tossk (for Mikael's Captain Tornord Nar), Job: Manhunter, Relationship: Familiy Ties (Uncle), Trauma 0
  • "Cookie" (for Steve's Captain Vulkraffa, Job: Brutal Thug, Relationship: Unrequited Love, Deceased
  • Elana Torven (for Steve's Capatin Vulkraffa, Job: Naval Captain, Relationship: Professional Rival, Trauma 0

First Quest Log (Completed)

  • Objective: Resupply the Relentless at Alpha Phi 731
  • Benefit: Control of the weapons at Alpha Phi 731
  • World: Alpha Phi 731
  • Faction: Bureau of Xenotechnomics
  • Character: Octopoidal Aliens
  • Cliffhange: The stolen battle cruiser C.S.S. Relentless surfaces from Underspace near Alpha Phi 731 only to be met by three Con Int Nav? picket ships.
  • Events:
    • Captured picket ships, Lose
    • Invaded surface of planetoid, Win
    • Got allies of Bur Xen?, Win
    • Got away unfollowed, Win

Second Quest Log

  • Objective: Return from the core into known space
  • Benefit: Knowledge of/from the core
  • World: Krystal
  • Faction: Bureau of Xenotechnomics
  • Character: Whistler, a psychic projection and protector of Krystal
  • Cliffhanger: Just arrived at Krystal, where the hell are we?!
  • Events
    • Arrived at Krystal, dealt with Whisper W
    • Captured Tithp W
    • Half of crew forcibly converted by Willow L
    • Convince Tithp to warp out to another location L
    • Defeat Scourge naval forces at colony world W

Third Quest Log

  • Objective: Safely resettle the colonists
  • World: Melandria
  • Faction: Seekers of the Sphere
  • Character: Oldests sentient trees greatly concerned about the suicides of the "children" (humans)
  • Cliffhanger: We discover that at least one freighter has had something horrible happen on it


World: Alpha Phi 731

Location: Colonies

Environment: None

Settlement: A tiny, highly secure military outpost on the edge of Concordance territory in the direction of the Core

Notable Characters: Commandant Rantos Gaubir

Rumours: The Concordance stores a nuclear arsenal here for war against the Broken Hand Alliance.

World: Melendria

Location: Colonies

Environment: Primarily sub-tropical arboreal

Settlement: Survivors of the Martesh-Danval Massacre

Notable Characters: Eladine Melendrian, Widow of Lord Martesh-Danval

Rumours: A suicide cult.

World: Zhribalin

Location: Remnants

Environment: High temperature, chlorine gas

Settlement: Clan Had-Attir in their pillar cities

Notable Characters: Rosh Hadan, Factor of the City of Roxas

Rumours: Center of the Western Spiral slave trade.

World: Charybdis

Location: Colonies

Environment: Relatively pleasant equitorial region, frigid stormy oceans elsewhere

Settlement: Salamanca territory has settled the equitorial islands, the Searing Blades have settled elsewhere on floating colonies.

Notable Characters: Chavesh Xen, Marquis of Charybdis; Ashkela, Searing Blades High Priestess

Rumours: ???

World: Hebd'Manax

Location: Remnants

Environment: Fairly small, warm world with many small lakes

Settlement: Homeworld of Clan Manax, population 30 Billion

Notable Characters: Zana Lene, Concordance Ambassador


World: "Jeweled Orb of Gaiety"

Location: Remnants

Environment: Fantastically pleasant, fully controlled environment

Settlement: Clan "Sun Rising Joyously" homeworld, renowned as a pleasure planet

Notable Characters: Procurator "Seven Joys", chief of the largest pleasure dome

Rumours: Human slaves are being used as pleasuring agents, and perhaps as fine cuisine.

World: Sargasso Nebula Confederacy

Location: on the Edge of Colonies space (some Remnants)

Environment: Hundreds of semi-derelict star ships, space stations and asteroids chained/fused together in space. Making a Cyclopedian Wheel formation with a Massive, Ancient Dreadnought at the Centre Hub.

Settlement: as above (alien/human)

Notable Characters: Ben Grill “The Mad Mayor”, Alien Cephalopoda (Octopods, squids, cuttlefish & nautiluses)

Rumours: The Ancient Dreadnought at the Centre Hub is an Progenitor or Scourge Vessel.

Name: BANE (Jovian Gas Giant with 4 perfect Moons: Gem, Morte, Kali, Arioch.)

Location: Colonies space (on or around Bane's four moons)

Environment: BANE is comprised mostly of an outer layer of molecular hydrogen and helium and a much thicker layer of metallic hydrogen. However, it may have a small solid core as large as three to 20 Earth masses at its center. MOONS: All the moons were at one time perfect life supporting gardens of Eden. All of the moons but, Gem, are used to test Alien technology by the ever steady hand of The Bureau of Xenotechnomics.

  • Gem is the Eden like, pristine control in the group. *Instant death sentence for anyone caught with Xenotech on it.
  • Morte is the blasted, radioactive Hell. ** If you are here you are dying a slow, horribly painful, incurable death.
  • Kali is the frozen wasteland. *** Not a good idea to go here, you will be a Corpsicle!
  • Arioch is the Chaotic Maelstrom of energy, gases, time dilation and dimensional flux. **** DO NOT GO HERE!!

Settlement: Space Stations orbiting Moons, Research Outposts on Moons. (alien/human)

Notable Characters: Gutherie Grimglas Master of Bane, Bur Xen?'s Lord Constable, “The Fried Ones” or “Frenchies” Some mutated humanoid/alien hybrids.

Rumours: The pristine moon, Gem, is caught in the mega gravitational pull of a micro quantum singularity on the Gas Giant Bane and will soon be ripped apart.

World: Krystal

Location: Remnants.

Environment: A shattered crystalline Dyson sphere, a grouping of Thousands (Millions!) of floating crystalline plateaus.

Settlement: Castle of the Kryst (Aliens)

Notable Characters: Rulers; “Master Wisp” & “Mistress Willow” (Glowing Winged, Energy based Aliens.), Singers of Resonation (Angelic like Vocalizations & Crystal shattering Screams.)

Rumours: The secret of pan-dimensional travel is hidden in the glyphs and runes carved on a gigantic crystalline monolith.

World: Isabel's Tear

Location: Colonies (Searing Blades)

Environment: Barren dust world with occasional torrential rainfalls

Settlement: Isolated small villages. One major temple, the subject of frequent pilgrimage.

Notable Characters: Rupee Melano, rebel leader

Rumours: An alien artifact is held within the temple, protected by the sisterhood.

World: Oentha

Location: Remnants

Environment: Small temperate world covered with jungles. Home to the Bholo, red-hot philosophizing spider creatures.

Settlement: The only major structure on the planet is a giant basalt pyramid where the Bholo host diplomatic summits.

Notable Characters: Grand Oompa Bertrand Flynt, Caliban diplomat and all around nice guy.

Rumours: Some envoys have recently gone missing in Oentha's jungles.

World: Rathmere

Location: Colonies

Environment: Mining and construction planet, strip mined and broken. Minimal vegetation and poisoned oceans.

Settlement: Sprawling industrial complexes cover the surface of all areas with potential mineral deposits. Life forms other than imported human workers are limited to algae and fungi, but the hostile environment is extremely mutagenic...

Notable Characters: Marquis Huroni, Rathmere's owner, magnate and despot. One of the richest men in the known universe, he has a finger in large portions of Caliban's production interests.

Rumours: Marquis Huroni may be making a move for power in Calibani political circles. The fleet of heavy gunboats he's been constructing on Rathmere's moon may have something to do with it.

Rumours: Various reports of strange scaled tool-wielding humanoid fish along various spots along Rathmere's main coastline have surfaced in the past few years.


Name: Concordance Interstellar Marines (Con Int Mar?)

Kind of Organization: Military

Agenda: Protect the Concordance

Reports to: Concordance Interstellar Defense (Con Int Def?)

Allies: Concordance Interstellar Navy (Con Int Nav?), the Old Guard Boyars

Enemies: Concordance Security (Con Sec), Martesh-Danval territory

Name: Concordance Interstellar Defense (Con Int Def?)

Kind of Organization: Military department of Concordance government

Agenda: Protect colonies of the Concordance from external threats

Reports to: Concordance Assembly

Allies: Concordance Interstellar Navy (Con Int Nav?), Concordance Interstellar Marines (Con Int Mar?), Clan Manax, others

Enemies: Broken Hand Alliance, Martesh-Danval territory, others

Name: Bureau of Xenotechnomics (Bur Xen?)

Kind of organization : Government

Agenda: Control of ALL Alien Technology.(trade, dissemination, patent, blueprints, museum shows & testing!)

Reports to: Concordance Assembly

Allies: Concordance Security (Con Sec)

Enemies: Dark-Water Collectors (arch rivals), White Wind (crime), Various others; Outlaws, Academia, etc.

Name: Searing Blades

Kind of organization : Religious Sect

Agenda: Aggressively colonize planets deemed too inhospitable by others. Use natural selection to force a strengthening and unity of the people. Weed out dissidents and predators. Wait for apocalypse.

Reports to: Church of Isabel (of which they are a recognized branch with considerable autonomy)

Allies: Church of Isabel, Concordance Settlement Authority

Enemies: White Wind, Con Sec

Name: Clan Slupfths

Kind of organization : Large vacuum dwelling cephalopod-like aliens, probably engineered by some distant god-like race. Their young can frequently be found in any vacuum area where waste energy can be absorbed.

Agenda: Very curious, also seek to function as vessels as they were designed to.

Reports to: No one, really.

Allies: Bur Xen? (at least one member, Tithp, is a vessel for them)

Enemies: White Wind (enslave them as vessels), others

Name: Salamanca Territory

Kind of organization : In the running for largest territory on Caliban, also one of the most aggressive colonizing territories.

Agenda: Secure stellar real-estate for themselves, remake Caliban into a "modern" space power with central government.

Reports to: No one, really.

Allies: Dark Water Collectors (possibly a front for Salamancan tech collection and research), Martesh-Danvel Territory, others

Enemies: Old Guard Boyars, Con Sec, Bur Xen?, others

Name: Broken Hand Alliance

Kind of organization : Alliance of several alien clans (including Clan Had-Attir).

Agenda: Prevent human expansion and hegemony.

Reports to: No one.

Allies: Clan Had-Attir, White Wind, Clan "Sun Rising Gloriously", others

Enemies: Essentially all arms of Concordance government, others

Name: Singers of Resonation

Kind of organization: Alien religious sect, think Shaolin Temple with sound instead of fists.

Agenda: Worship the harmony generated by the shards of Heaven at Krystal. Wander around doing good deeds.

Reports to: ????

Allies: Master Wisp and Mistress Willow

Enemies: White Wind.

Name: Seekers of the Sphere

Kind of organization: all Female Religion (alien & human), celebrate the circle of life with legends of the perfect Sphere. The most fanatical among them are a sub-group called “The Circle of Death” suicide cult.

Agenda: Fanatical worship of all things Round. Collectors of the lost shards of Heaven to bring about the Restoration of Krystal. The militant-arm called “The Circle of Death” suicide cult will use Seekers with sphere shaped bombs held in their hands to destroy any group or beings that get in the way of their goal of a pilgrimage to the centre of the world Krystal.

Reports to: ????

Allies: None, Women of all Races & Factions!

Enemies: The singers of resonation, Masters of Krystal, all Concordance Government/Military Agency's. Hate Bur-Zen.

Name: Clan Skarivati

Kind of organization: A ridiculously populous but very loosely organized rebel force of semi-intelligent, land-walking, shamanistic fish creatures.

Agenda: The destruction of the human blight on Rathmere; the reinstatement of the Old Ways and the rejuvenation of the planet's Spirit. First step: the destruction of the Marquis' Citadel.

Reports to: Nobody!

Allies: None

Enemies: The Rathmere human population; Rathmere security forces


Clan Manax: Crab, Squat, Extra Limbs, Feathers, Stern

Clan Had-Attir: Space Monkeys!

Clan "Sun Rising Gloriously": Gecko, Really Tall, Eye Stalks, Mane, Pushy

Clan Bholo: Spider, Really Tall, Radiate Heat, Thoughtful

Clan Slupths: Large, squid-like vaccuum dwelling living space-ships

Clan Skarivati: Marine creatures super-evolved by the Rathmere industrial pollution.


  • Multi-dimensional
  • In control of the Con Int Def? High Command
  • Reanimated corpses
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