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  • Tim, Chris, Jay, Dave Hill, Randy, Doyce(GM)


  • Nils Belinar, Captain of Isabel's Dream, played by Tim
    • Reverend Ray, ship's priest and head of security, played by Chris
    • Brad Janette, earnest student and assistant purser, played by Dave
      (Be sure and look for his upcoming Masters thesis, Folktale Origins of the Scourge Mythos ...)
    • Katya, physical fitness leader/crew discipline, played by Jay
    • Shandar Belina, head of shipboard entertainment/lead technician, played by Randy
  • Argon Slash, Captain of Legion, played by Chris
    • Jake, crew shootist, played by Tim
    • Pockets Mulvey, ship's pilot, played by Jay
    • Sonja Bellingham, negotiator (and ex-wife), played by Dave
    • Margo Gray, planetside recon, played by Randy
  • Allysande Daen, Captain of The Hart of Darkness, played by Dave
    • Smoke, zen mechanic, played by Chris
    • Nestor Wynn, owner's representative, played by Jay
    • Bosley, personal valet, played by Tim
    • Master Chief Barkin, played by Randy
  • Neil Lymon, Captain of the Veracity, played by Jay
    • Lawrence Lymon, pilot and older brother, played by Chris
    • Michael, press secretary, played by Tim
    • Sister Bridget, nun/head of security, played by Dave
    • Clark Lymon, pain in the ass son, played by Randy
  • Captain Swann, of the ship of many names, played by Randy
    • Tomas Dupre, pilot, played by Dave
    • Dr. Sanjay Rahan, played by Jay
    • Spence, 'the kid', played by Tim
    • Ben Venger, appraisal, played by Chris
  • Blank Character Sheet


Planets & Places

  • Alene -- colony of archaeologists on an (almost) airless moon
  • Ando III -- Cool/temperate moon (with a receding Ice Age) colonized by Saradan Territory?
  • Culcorsis -- pleasure planet controlled by The Northern Span
  • The Core -- An area of space on the far side of the Remnants from Caliban. Purported to be a dangerous place full of unnamed terrors.
  • The Drift -- a huge space station constructed of the hulks of abandoned star ships, drifting in the void between habitable systems (Book, and Doyce)
  • Eastern Rim -- Caliban territory
  • Hush -- proto-terraformed planet
  • Neres -- Remnant world inhabited by very tidy insects
  • Rala -- lush, beautiful, covered in fascinating ruins (including the fabulous Third Pylon?), and totally uninhabitable due to the periodic acid rains.
  • Saradan Territory? -- feudal shogunate-like territory.
  • Sebastas -- icy, distant captured-comet moon of Caliban
  • The Northern Span -- powerful, militant Territory
  • Tethys -- water world and pharmaceutical treasure trove
  • Unity Orbital Station -- Home of the Concordance; one of dozens of stations occupying Calibanís orbital space. Representatives from Calibanís territories meet here. The Concordance Syndic resides on the station.
  • Vayaron -- Eastern Rim colony... and alien holy site
  • Zoar -- desert remnant world

Scourge Elements

  • They can read minds (Tim)
  • Seizures (Doyce)
  • Advanced tech (Chris)
  • They exist in straight lines within a curved reality (Jay)
  • Revenge (Dave)
  • They love us (Randy)

Session Logs

  • one
  • two
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