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  • Jason
  • Clinton
  • Remi (GM)


Crew (only click if you want to see their secrets)


  • Zion Combine: Government. Reports to the Federated Colonies. Allies: Aquine (Alien Dolphins w/ Resources), The Fobolex Corporation. Enemies: The Protectorate (Another colony confederation), The Isabellites.
  • Galaxy Vision Relief: NGO, Reports to Fed Col?. Allies: Diamondbacks (Cartel of Arms Dealers/Private Army), Isabellites, The Kask (Aliens, homeworld Kaskupraami in the Core). Enemies: Fobolex Corporation, Grayling Gish Media Enterprise
  • Fobolex Corp: Corporation. Reports to No-one. Allies: Zion Combine, Daimondbacks. Enemies: Isabellites.
  • Grayling Gish Media Enterprises: Coporation, answers to no one. Allies: Federated Colonies, Fobolex Enemies: Democratize Media Citizen Journalists
  • The Protectorate: Government (5 richest colonies), Answer to the Diamondbacks. Allies: Diamondbacks, Grayling Gish Protectorate. Enemies: Fed Col?
  • Isabellites: Religion. Answer to God. Allies: Fed Col?, Grayling Gish. Enemies: Fobolex, Protectorate, Zion Combine.
  • Clearmind: Hyperintelligent computer. Answers to no one. Allies: Diamondbacks. Enemies: The Robots.
  • The Robots: Intelligent machines with spider legs and human-ish torsos. Allies: Zion Combine. Enemies: Clearmind, Diamondbacks.
  • The Interplanetary Workers Unions: Labor Union. Answers to Galaxy Vision Relief. Allies: Fed Col?. Enemies: The Isabellites.
  • Sisterhood of Purity: Militant Women. Answer to no one. Allies: Fobolex Corporation. Enemies: None (yet).

Session Logs

Remi sez: I see that the Madison Playtest has 'Scourge Elements', were we supposed to that? Or does that come later?

Matt sez: I was tooling around with the idea of a kickery thing for each captain, which would include a little hint about the Scourge. It's nothing crucial or official.

Remi sez: I think a formal kickey thing would be an excellent addition to character generation and tying the captain's reasoning for going out among the stars to the Scourge in some way could be nothing but helpful and a good focus.

Jason sez: I totally don't get the motivational factors. As creative constraints they are rubbing me all wrong. My guy is going to the core for a purely metagame reason, because I have to in order to move the plot along, and that's just weird. The factions have to be involved on every planet - rubbing wrong. I have goals that I have to complete to leave a planet, but delaying completing them means I get more resources.

Matt Sez: Reasoning is like so... 1) Captain is going to the Core to get a quest item in order to defeat the Scourge. See comments directly above for less metagame solution, but since it's assumed at chargen, you should be making a quest-worthy captain anyway. 2) Can you give an example of an adventure you'd want to have that didn't involve Factions? Factions include any significant group. What's being excluded? 3) In theory, delaying goals means you eventually fail because you're more likely to suffer impairment than gain Fortune.

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