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  • ***Dave
  • Randy
  • Margie
  • Doyce (GM)


  • Robert James Wilson III ("Boyd"), well-trained rich-boy, played by Margie
  • Anse Schmalkalden, politically-disaffected captain from a major Territory, played by Randy
  • Amanda Tillotson, daughter of a high-ranking 'unification' commander in the Concordance Navy who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, played by ***Dave


  • Tovarra, Captain Boyd's private sociopath, played by Randy
    • Personality: Attack dog
    • Desire: a 'quick fix' for an empty soul
  • Viktor, Captain Boyd's pilot, played by Dave
    • Personality: Haughty and professional
    • Desire: Support the interests of Boyd's family
  • Shiela, Captain Anse's somewhat-clutzy mechanic, played by Margie
    • Personality: Middle Child
    • Desire: Recognition
  • Tam, Captain Anse's flexible-morals quartermaster, played by Dave
    • Personality: Easy-going, morally flexible
    • Desire: Avoid serving as an example
  • Juan, Captain Tillotson's pilot, played by Margie
    • Personality: Hot-shot
    • Desire: Recognition
  • Orlando, Captain Tillotson's head engineer, played by Randy
    • Personality: Lothario
    • Desire: Look out for Number One


Scourge Elements

  • Eucalyptus (Margie)
  • Heat (Doyce)
  • Chittering (Dave)
  • Convulsions (Randy)

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