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I'll post a link to our map when I can get it scanned in or something.

Peychen Woo

Map Tile: 012

World Traits

  • Arid
  • Lava
  • Friggin' Hot
  • Enclosed Environments

Resources: mining

Purpose of settlement: Prison world, conscripted labor

Adversity Dice: 2d4, 1d6


Human vs. Human: a prisoner claims to be a prophet, causing disruption, mayhem

Factions involved


  • Rekindle love with an old flame 1d4
  • Find the trail to the artifact 1d4
  • Silence the Prophet 1d6


Map Tile: 018

World Traits

  • Fertile
  • Tropical
  • Hazardous Life Forms
  • Rainy

Resources: lush environment

Purpose of settlement: pleasure world, run by Syndicate

Adversity Dice: 2d6


Human vs. Human: The Caliban Defense Force? is trying to impose regulations, threatening to blockade.

Factions involved


  • Discover why Krieger is really threatening to blockade 1d6
  • Get the girl off the planet and out of Syndicate hands 1d6

Barati Sakya

Map Tile: 007

World Traits

  • Mountainous
  • Foggy
  • Severe Tidal Pull (two moons)
  • Swamps

Resources: strategic location

Purpose of settlement: human colony

Adversity Dice: 2d6


Human vs. Alien: a territorial struggle approaching all-out war

Factions involved


  • Establish a CDF base of operations 1d6
  • Prevent a war 1d6

GM Prep

Hazard: 5d6+2d4 = 19

More coming soon...

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