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This is a Skype game gee emmed by Matt Wilson, including Paul Tevis, Matt Snyder, Chris Chinn, and featuring John Harper as himself.


  1. Nasir?, captain of the Lightfall?, played by Chris Chinn
  2. Quinn?, captain of the Ghost Story?, played by John Harper
  3. Gideon?, captain of the Pharoah IV?, played by Matt Snyder
  4. Talos?, captain of the Lazarus?, played by Paul Tevis


Nasir's crew

  • Ugo, security systems/hacker -- "I have plenty of love to go around." Desire: The Ladies. Played by John.
  • Kashan, the pilot -- "I really am better than you." Desire: I want Nasir to live up to my expectations for him. Played by Paul
  • Rana, medical officer -- "I save whom I can" Desire: I want recognition for my heroism. Played by Matt.

Quinn's crew

  • Santo, the old deckhand -- "You can't run from everything." Desire: Escape my past. Played by Chris.
  • Wen, the impetuous face man -- "I go with my gut." Desire: One day, I'll be rich. Played by Matt.
  • Boris, the hired muscle -- "I never laugh." Desire: To find a real crew. Played by Paul.

Gideon's crew

  • Fiona, Gideon's daughter -- "I'm the best there is." Desire: Don't disappoint the old man. Played by John.
  • Soterios, the negiotator -- "Money is everything." Desire: To make the company famous galaxy-wide. Played by Paul.
  • Kadin, the tactics officer -- "Fiona is better at this than Gideon" Desire: To make the company famous galaxy-wide. Played by


Talos' crew

  • Ivan, mechanic -- "Some people get what they deserve." Desire: Get right with God. Played by John.
  • Dante, crewman -- "I save myself." Desire: Fight the law; win. Played my Matt.
  • Noya, washed up xenobiologist & sister in law, "You don't deserve another chance", Desire: Find out what happened to my sister.

Played by Chris.


Adventure 1

  1. Alusk? (John)
  2. Orsibon? (Chris)
  3. Vayaron (Snyder)
  4. World 4


  1. Xenohunters' League?
  2. Spacers' Guild?
  3. Bounty Hunters' Cartel?
  4. The Burning Wheel?
  5. The Concordance?
  6. The Long Shadow Group?
  7. Carmen & Kira's Stellar Spectacular?
  8. Underspace Information Network?
  9. Clan Zirgg?
 10. The Western Rim Protectorate?
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